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Executive Development Programs
CEO-Development Program
dates of programs start
7 modules 3 days each
10:00 - 18:00
147000 uah
CEO-Development Program
Development of the ability to bring together all components of the business and activate the entire system in order to realize an ambitious strategic idea
Program's Target Audience:
Top managers with practical experience and a desire to update, structure, and systematize their knowledge
Chiefs of departments and units that are preparing to become CEOs
Top managers aiming to increase their capitalization and ability to implement ambitious strategies
Top teams members among KMBS’s MBA graduates that strive to synchronize through knowledge and basic management approaches
Leaders of state enterprises, cultural institutions, and non-governmental organizations that seek to more systematically manage and build institutions that create a better value for the society
What participants gain at the Program:
The structure of the program

  • Strategic idea (DNA of the system: Vision, Mission, Values).
  • Strategy development: the process of strategizing in a company. Strategic session.
  • Strategy implementation: strategic goals and business model.
  • Change management and culture.

People in the organization

  • Basic managerial abilities and corporate culture (CEO as a carrier of corporate culture, their role, and areas of responsibility. The importance of leader’s behavior for creating decision-making principles, models of interaction, norms, and rules).
  • TOP team management (working with a TOP team, developing communication and interaction, principles of complex decision making, approaches to self-organization)
  • Human Capital for leaders. Working with talent. Typical mistakes of CEOs in their interactions with HR (how we select people we need and how to work with people differently).


  • Strategic marketing and value creation for customers.
  • Customer experience design. Creating a culture of customer focus in a company both for internal and external customers.
  • Customers in the digital age.

Efficient processes and finance

  • Finance and management accounting.
  • Key Business Indicators (BI)

CEO’s cognition and personality

  • Systemic thinking
  • Strategic thinking
  • Solving management dilemmas
  • How do we make decisions?
  • Personal efficiency
  • Management communications and public speeches

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What do you need to attend?
147000 uah
For more information about the program, please contact
Illia lapko
EDP program manager
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