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Sales Strategies
A comprehensive program for those engaged in building a sales strategy of a company
Program's Target Audience: Business owners, chief executive officers, chief business development officers, chief commercial officers, who:
Are facing the fact that the old sales strategies do not work
Realize that rebuilding a sales system is not limited to sales targets, incentive plans and sales training
See integral connection between a company’s mission, its clients, its product and building a system of sales and staff recruitment
What does the Program provide?
Approaches to development of an efficient sales strategy, taking into account the market situation, the company’s strategy and the owner’s focus of interest
Understanding how to put the processes of identifying the new needs and creating the personal customer value into the basis of a sales system
A holistic vision of the ways of building a sales system – from a strategy to operational processes
Redefinition of staff recruitment process and interactions within a company
The structure of the program
Sales management. Creating the customer value

  • Structure of sales. Market, customer and competition.
  • Creating a value proposition.
  • Identification of the customer’s needs. Strategy and tactics for satisfying a need.
  • Sales cycle.
  • Planning and targeting in the sphere of sales. The customer’s future status.
  • Sales funnel as an instrument of sales modelling.
  • Adjustment of the sales funnel, the means of turning it into a process with 100% conversion at each stage

Setting up a sales department

  • Organization structure.
  • Criteria for selecting the sales staff: whom and how are we recruiting? The realization of I, I+I, I+We, I+Customer (Market). Controlling the EGO. Empathy and self-reflection.
  • Creating the sales team. Personal goals and values.

Building bilateral relations.

  • Consciousness and Deceit.
  • Strategy for building the long-term relations with a client: value, trust, autonomy: how to apply this strategy for the B2C market? Conscious and non-conscious need.
  • System of sales: building an efficient system in accordance with the selected strategy.

Building a sales strategy based on the company’s mission and strategy

Mission of the company and the system of sales.

  • Strategies and the owner’s focus of interest: how does the business owner see the future?
  • What are we really selling?

Sales levels.

  • Stairway of development. Product, partnership, unique competitive advantage..
  •  Idea and money. What does the ownership structure demonstrate, and how does it affect the strategy?

Sales strategies

  • Strategies built within a company: what are we working for and how do we understand it?
  • Strategies we take to the market. Congruence and conflicts between the internal and the market strategies.
  • Advantages of combining the short-term and the long-term strategies. Culture of consumption and consumer culture.
  • Personalization of value as the basis for strategy in B2C and B2B companies.
  • Creation and personalization of value as an alternative for segmentation.
  • Strategy of unique competitive advantage.

High-level strategies in the market. Presentations of participants' ideas on sales transformation

Homework before the program

Answer the questions:

  • What do I do, what do I love/what inspires me?
  • What do I want to achieve with this program? What result do I want to get from the program?
  • Why does my company exist and what do we sell?

Volodymr Orlov more details
Visiting professor
Julia Plieva more details
Adjunct professor
What do you need to attend?
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21 000 uah
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For more information about the program, please contact
Illia lapko
EDP program manager
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