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About kmbs
About Kyiv-Mohyla Business School
About kmbs
Kyiv-Mohyla Business School [kmbs] - school for leaders who is ready to change: themselves, their businesses, the world
Founded in 1999 as a part of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy - one of the oldest university in Europe with more than 400-year history
We believe that the breakthrough development of participants of our programs will lead to a qualitative leap in the development of their companies, and therefore of our country and the whole world
An environment for breakthrough development
The main result of the school is a qualitative leap for our participants and their businesses. kmbs is an environment that gives impetus to development, it is an intellectual platform, a creative atmosphere and a powerful circle of communication
Strategic focus and systems thinking
In order to achieve quality change, we focus on personal development of managers, systems thinking, a holistic understanding of business, strategy and creation of a new one. This is that helps us move to a truly new level
Ability to ask the right questions
We do not provide “effective tools” sets for all occasions. First and foremost, it is important to answer the question "why?" This gives us an understanding of what to do - and then we move on to how to implement it.
The most interesting ideas are at the intersection of the worlds
Opening new horizons greatly adds to the efficiency and creativity of managers. We go beyond purely business issues, involve many metaphors, and learn from the experiences of people from completely different fields
The spirit and "gene of leadership" of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy
kmbs is part of a unique university where leaders were born hundreds of years ago. The modern Academy has inherited these intellectual assets, traditions, the special spirit of creating the future and the "gene of leadership"
Globality + Locality
We combine the world's most effective approaches with Ukrainian experience and practice. Our lecturers are practitioners who know Ukrainian business from the inside and international experts.
Learning, not teaching
We do not teaching, but you are learning
Rethinking lessons that where learned and reflection
Features of adult learning
Active learning
Interactive formats, discussions, case studies, practical projects
Tailor-made courses from practitioners
It is not just the teaching of certain concepts, but our own experience that rests on a methodological basis
Out-of-class activities
Live cases, visiting modules to regions of Ukraine, conquering of Goverla
A special approach to the formation of groups
Careful selection of participants
International experience
International faculty and international study tours
Creative rethinking is more important than the set of knowledge
We do not instill our own opinion, but provide a palette of concepts and approaches
Lifelong learning
After graduation - a rich life in the alumni community

In January, kmbs becomes a party to the UN Global Compact.


kmbs celebrates the 20th anniversary of the founding of the School.


In September, kmbs publishes a collection of "More", which brings together the best performances of celebrities during the Humanitarian Days on MBA-programs kmbs.

Alumni Reunion takes place in October - an event that brings together graduates of the School of different years.


Training begins in the first training program for top managers of the security and defense sector of Ukraine.

The international English language program AgriFood MBA starts.

The Develop Ukraine regional business development program is expanding to new cities in Ukraine.

kmbs is the first Ukrainian business school to become a member of the Executive MBA Council.


kmbs initiates cluster development in Ukraine and joins the TCI Network, a global network of cluster development, innovation and competitiveness professionals.

In December, the Executive MBA program is included in the TOP-20 MBA programs in Eastern Europe, and the School receives three palm branches in the world rankings.


We celebrate the 400th anniversary of the founding of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

Graduates of the School meet to share experiences and present their own projects at the Alumni to Alumni Conference.

kmbs and its partners receive the Effie Award for creating the New Horizons communication campaign.


In January, Kyiv-Mohyla Business School is recognized as the best business school and receives the award of the International competition "Choice of the Year". In subsequent years, kmbs confirmed this status.

The School of Strategic Architect has been established at the Kyiv-Mohyla Business School - for people who are able to create, change, transform and scale systems.

As part of the international module, kmbs participants visit Latin America. From now on, the geography of kmbs' international visits covers four continents: Asia, Europe, South and North America.

The "Entering Global Markets" program is being launched for the first time.


Kyiv-Mohyla Business School establishes the Yuri Shevelyov Prize - a literary award for achievements in the field of essays. The winners of the Award in the following years are: Yuriy Prokhasko, Kostya Moskalets, Vakhtang Kebuladze.

A unique in Ukraine program on Agile methodology for business is starting.


The first specialized program in Ukraine - AgroMBA is being created.


kmbs launches the Alumni Club, which brings together all MBA graduates.

The first international tour of kmbs graduates to Georgia is taking place in September. In the following years, the community continues to explore the businesses of other countries during business tours, as well as interact with each other and learn.


In January, Oleksandr Savruk, Candidate of Economic Sciences, becomes the dean of kmbs.

In October, a new master's program MBA in Leadership is created - for managers who will become Ukrainian business leaders in the future.


Another master's program is starting - Master of Banking and Finance [MBF].


In January, Presidents ’MBA, the only program in Ukraine for business owners, begins.

kmbs is launching a unique training program in Eastern Europe that teaches management according to the TOC methodology.


In kmbs master classes are held by international management specialists: Jack Trout, Chan Kim, Philip Kotler, Yitzhak Adizes.

In 2006 the School received CEEMAN IQA accreditation.


kmbs creates and launches an MBA program for top managers.


The Summer School of Total Marketing is starting for the first time - an intensive workshop for marketing directors and experienced marketing managers who are responsible for making strategic decisions.


Year of foundation of Kyiv-Mohyla Business School [kmbs] - schools for leaders who seek change: in themselves, their companies and the world. Pavlo Sheremeta became the Dean of the School.

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Deputy Dean, Head of Presidents MBA Program
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Deputy Dean, Head of programs "School of Strategic Architect" and "Strategic Leadership Program"
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Head of Business Development
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Head of Executive MBA Program
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Administrative Director
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Head of MBAF Program
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Head of Executive Development Programs
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EDP program manager
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Project coordinator
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Head of service and technical support department
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Project manager
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IT manager
Sergiy Tsviliy more details
IT manager
Valentyna Piontkovska more details
Project Manager
Maryna Homenyuk more details
Project Manager
Michael Taran more details
Strategic Program Manager
Anna Onishchenko more details
Finance manager
Anastasiia Levytska more details
Finance manager
Andrii Nakonechnyi more details
Head of international development
Roman Horban more details
R&D projekt manager
Galyna Eremenko more details
Head of the Ukrainian Mediation Center
Diana Berus more details
Manager of the Ukrainian Center for Mediation
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