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Executive Development Programs
Management: essential managerial skills
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3 Days
18000 uah
Management: essential managerial skills
A program for managers who seek to increase the level of conscious management decisions
Program's Target Audience is team leaders and top managers who feel that the old approaches no longer work and therefore they face challenges:
How to manage a business systematically based on modern management principles
How to grow your business through teamwork
How to improve your own management skills
How to gain more awareness and confidence when making management decisions and choosing reactions to the modern issues and challenges
The Program provides:
Understanding the essentials of a systematic approach to business management
Understanding of current trends in management
Structuring one’s own management knowledge into a single system
Rethinking the decision-making process from the level of one individual to the level of a team
Methodology for setting goals, delegating tasks, and providing feedback
Determining the level of maturity of one’s team
Defining one’s own management style, roles, and competencies
The structure of the program
Day 1
Evolution of management approaches in the realities of modern business
March 24

  • Evolution of management approaches in the realities of modern business
  • Business as a system
  • Signs of system management of a modern business organization
  • Types of management thinking and approaches to business management
  • Business system success criteria, maturity levels of business systems
  • Working with the Case Study to test system thinking and identify cause and effect relationships
  • Management functions, roles, competencies
  • Success criteria of a modern manager
  • Development of managerial competences

Day 2
Interaction with the team
March 25

  • Management decisions and criteria of their optimality
  • Modern approaches to decision making
  • Individual and collective, rational and intuitive decisions
  • Turning a team into a team
  • Creating a climate that is attractive to people and businesses
  • The maturity of managers and executors
  • Responsibility levels and maturity types
  • Set goals and objectives for different types of maturity
  • Delegations and assignments for different types of maturity
  • Interaction with the team
  • Choosing a style of management interaction

Day 3
Choice of style of managerial interaction
March 26

  • Sources of power and forms of influence
  • The balance between trust, responsibility, freedom and control
  • The meaning, purpose and stages of management control
  • Management of the objects, frequency, types and methods of control
  • Feedback and evaluation in management
  • Types of feedback
  • Feedback Models
  • Reflection, questions, results

Olga Shcherbyna more details
Adjunct professor
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18000 uah
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Oleksandr Demchuk
EDP program manager
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