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Executive Development Programs
Service school for managers
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3 modules of 2 days
42 000 uah
Service school for managers
How service level affects your business performance and how to build a high-level service system
Program's Target Audience: Chiefs of Service and Marketing Departments, CEOs, and top managers, who:
Seek to build a service system that will retain existing customers and attract new ones.
Are determined that long-term customer relations are the company's strategy and require a holistic view of service, customers, and sales.
Aim to increase the lifecycle of clients without large investments and to work systematically with people in their company.
What does the Program provide?
Go through a rigorous process of building an effective service system in your company
Create a road map and choose the tools to implement the service system in your company
Get a set of unique tools to implement the service system in your company (from service vision to customer experience standards) and practice skills to apply these tools in practice
Select, recruit, and retain only naturally gifted employees
Work in a group of 25 leaders and learn through discussions, debates, and home assignments
The structure of the program
Module 1
System service. Service culture. internal service and standards
February 17-18

What is the impact of the company's service? Service skills. Why employees are reluctant to provide a high level of service? The role of the cultural component. What is a service and what does it consist of? What components are most important to your business.
Negative Client Experience: What are the procedures and policies of the company that deter the Client. The sell-serve strategy is what the company focuses on in dealing with clients
Involvement of employees to provide a high level of service. The system of service in the company. How to Create a Business Purpose for the Client What does your company actually sell to the Client? What value do you bring to the Client? One day from the Client's life
Case: how to involve millenials in the idea of ​​service?
Service culture of the company: how to create internal service in the company? How to select, hire and retain only people with DNA service?
Unbreakable standards of service World-Class Service companies. Challenge: Create a list of standards for your business
Homework on Module 2:
1. Presentation "One day from the life of the Client" (actually spend the day with the Client)
 2. Analyze and pick up negative signals for the Client

Module 2
Constant service. Measurement of service. How to be risk-free for the client
March 23-24

  • Operating and Customer Experience Standards. Secret service. How to gain true loyalty through invisible customer personalization systems.
  • Customer Experience Cycle: The stages of the Client's communication with the company. Practical task: to identify defects of service at each stage, standards of experience and possibility to exceed client's expectations on the case of the participating company.
  • Service standards: algorithm and methods of development.
  • What to do with service defects and how to make the Client experience risk-free for the company and for the Client (ZeroRiskSystems). Challenge: Identify the main categories of customer calls within your business and think about staffing tools.
  • How to work with your customers on facebook (with YouScan).
  • How to work with clients in crisis situations.
  • Tools for research and evaluation of service. Case studies and practical tasks.

Module 3 homework: Create service standards and tools in emergency situations.

Module 3
Service design. implementation of changes in the company
April 13-14

  • Measurement of service: first "why" and then "how".
  • Service Design: what is it? (methodology)
  • Service Design: Workshop
  • Implementation of changes in the Company
  • Case Blue
  • Presentation of the project assignment (embodied during the School and what you plan)
  • Service Manager: Who is it? How to practice being a leader who creates a service culture
  • A Culture of Exceeding Customer Expectations: How to Encourage Employees to Exceed Customer Expectations

Anastasia Vladychynska more details
Adjunct professor
Maryna Starodubska more details
Adjunct professor
Olena Zhyltsova more details
What do you need to attend?
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42 000 uah
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Illia lapko
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