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Executive Development Programs
Client service for business owners
dates of programs start
2 Days
16 000 uah
Client service for business owners
Service is a solution that will not always bring in money, but it definitely affects the quality of customer relationships and relationships within the company.
Auditory program : for business owners
who are ready to serve the Client and want to know how to do it correctly and systematically
want to understand how to talk about service with Financial, Marketing and HR Directors
Value for participants:
Understanding what "service" is and how a business owner can impact the level of service in a company
Understanding the integral system of service in a company and the process of its construction
Getting the decision-making criteria arriving at daily and crisis for employees and clients
Working out solutions that reflect what true service companies receive from corporate culture, marketing, sales, finance and business processes.
About the Service school for top managers // Anastasia Vladychynska

About the idea of a two-day service program for owners and top-level managers in a short video interview with the author of the first in Ukraine Service School Anastasia Vladychynska.

The structure of the program
Day 1
What is service and what will it provide for the business. How the owner influences service. The business as seen through a client's microscope

  • Why service, what does it do for business? Where do you want to see your company: in a service crisis or in a service revolution as the owner?
  • What do true service companies get in corporate culture, marketing, sales, finance and business processes? Can service companies revolutionize their field?
  • Service vs P&L. Decisions you don't always make money with. Nonlinear consequences of service decisions that affect customer relationships.
  • How to convey the idea of ​​Service to the team? Practical task: working together on a Service Vision. One day from the Client's life.

Day 2
Service culture of the company.Who starts the service.How to find people with service in DNA ....

  • Who is responsible for ensuring that employees are serviceable? Where does the service begin?
  • The way to becoming a service company. The system of service in the company. How to convey the idea of ​​Service to the TOP team? How much and how much does employee development or burnout cost?
  • Service culture of the company: how to select, hire and retain only people with service in DNA. Inverted organization structure. Who is the main Client in the company? Company procedures or personal decisions for the Client?
  • Customer Experience Cycle in the Company: What are the steps the Client goes through in collaboration with the company? How would we like to build this process?
  • Zero Risk: How Much is the Cost of Losing One Customer and What Can a Front Office Employee Make to Avoid It.

Anastasia Vladychynska more details
Adjunct professor
16 000 uah
Apply for the program
For more information about the program, please contact
Illia lapko
EDP program manager
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