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Master in Business Analytics and Finance
Master in Business Analytics and Finance
For financial and investment directors
The modern financial program for:
Financial and investment directors
Business analysts who seek to master new global asset management practices
Managers in other areas who plan to develop their finance career
Top managers who want to deepen their knowledge of the functioning of the global economy
Young specialists who are eager to develop in the practical application of micro- and macroeconomics and financial management models
Taking the MBA program, you develop and improve the following skills and capabilities:
Understanding the functioning of the global financial system
Improving of analytical financial models that are in line with strategic business development
Integrating the dynamics of macroeconomic indicators, the cost of raw materials, exchange rates, etc into the analytical business models
Developing the complex models of integrated risk management for companies and corporations
Building of corporate mergers and acquisitions models, integrated assessment of investment projects and development of mechanisms for their financing
Understanding and using modern derivative financial instruments, especially the use of cryptocurrency, tokens, smart contracts, bots, algorithmic trading and financial engineering innovations
The structure of the program
Corporate analytics
The management of the company requires quick tools for responding to changes in the business environment, the migration of the value of consumers, the actions of competitors, on global and local trends and macroeconomic dynamics
Length of the first level of the program

7 months (7 modules)

Each module of studying consists of 4 days, each day - with 4 classes for 1,5 hours

Total - 168 hours

The purpose of studying the first level of the program

To maximize company profits

To understand and use the portfolio approach to investment management, portfolio management of products and services

Be able to use modern approaches to the analysis of investment decisions and to formulate forecasts at the macroeconomic and microeconomic levels

To analyze data on exchange rates and raw material prices

To carry out a factor analysis of the influence on the sale of the company and to forecast the sales of various categories of goods

Courses of the first level of the program

  • Financial mathematics
  • Investment management
  • Managerial accounting
  • Microeconomics
  • Financial management
  • Portfolio management
  • Econometric analysis
  • Numerical methods in economics and finance
  • Macroeconomics
  • Theory of games
  • Programming in Matlab, STATA, R, SWP

Work between program modules

It is intended to read economic and financial literature, analytical articles, listening of podcasts and open source video views (for example, coursera.org), writing essay, performing analytical homework from all program courses, communicating with program instructors to get recommendations for further professional development or counseling regarding the processed material

Economic block
Level description

For effective business decision making it is not enough for the company to has basic business modeling skills and use classic analytical models of financial and investment analytics or 
econometric analysis

Now almost every 
business problem is individual, it involves the use of large arrays of various data that is constantly updated

The increase in the turbulence of the business environment also involves the use of modern statistical and econometric methods for working with multi-factor models, new modern investment models of the theory of real options, Monte Carlo simulative methods, and copulative methodology

Length of the second level of the program

7 months (7 modules)

Each module of studying consists of 4 days, each day - with 4 classes for 1,5 hours

Total - 168 hours

The purpose of studying the second level of the program

To understand a comprehensive business model, be able to integrate different submodels into one, as we build one "Lego" construction with  lego-details

To maximize the value of investment criteria based on a properly selected business efficiency formula

To use a portfolio approach to managing investments in a holding company and venture capital fund effectively, to find effective portfolios of fixed income instruments, to build an optimal crypto-currency portfolio

To carry out marketing and analytics of a loan portfolio in the company

Be able to establish an ongoing process of gathering and integrating information in the process of business decision making

To build and use risk management models effectively

To manage portfolio administrating of fixed income instruments, portfolio of shares

Be able to evaluate and use derivative financial instruments and structured products

Use modern investment analysis methods - realistic options to assess investment attractiveness in turbulent environments

Build business models that are self-taught using the modern software environment R

Graduate work
Peculiarities of the level

During the third level of the program, students are involved in writing graduate work that demonstrate the maturity of a business analyst, the ability to use analytical tools to solve business problems, and the ability to implement ideas that are needed and can be used to make investment or analytical decisions

Length of the first level of the program

3 months (3 modules)

Each module of studying consists of 43 days, each day - with 3 classes for 1,5 hours

Total - 40,5  hours

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Adjunct professor
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Visiting professor
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Visiting professor
Наші випускники
How to become a participant of the program:
Submit the application
Fill in and submit an application form
Pass the test
Successfully pass the analytical skills test
An interview
Pass the interview with the program leader
dates of programs start
20 months
(14 training modules and 3 modules for preparation for the master's thesis) and includes one exit module in Ukraine with the solution of a real business case
390 000 uah
With VAT. No logistics costs for outgoing modules. Payment can be made in installments.
For more information about the program, please contact
Olena Yehorova
MBA Programs manager
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