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Master in Business Analytics and Finance
Master in Business Analytics and Finance
For those who work on analytical justification of management decisions
dates of programs start
17 months
495 000 uah
With VAT. Payment can be made in installments
The Master in Business Analytics and Finance program is designed for:
financial and investment directors
business analysts who seek to master new global asset management practices
managers in other areas who plan to develop their finance career
top managers who want to deepen their knowledge of the functioning of the global economy
Taking the MBA program, you develop and improve the following skills and capabilities:
Understanding the functioning of the global financial system
Improving of analytical financial models that are in line with strategic business development
Integrating the dynamics of macroeconomic indicators, the cost of raw materials, exchange rates, etc into the analytical business models
Developing the complex models of integrated risk management for companies and corporations
Building of corporate mergers and acquisitions models, integrated assessment of investment projects and development of mechanisms for their financing
Understanding and using modern derivative financial instruments, especially the use of cryptocurrency, tokens, smart contracts, bots, algorithmic trading and financial engineering innovations
Yevhen Pentsak more details
Eduard Maltsev more details
Olena Maltseva more details
Oleksii Gerashchenko more details
Adjunct professor
Ronald Huisman more details
Adjunct professor
Olena Amfimova more details
Visiting professor
The structure of the program
Corporate analytics
more details
Special analytics
more details
Graduate work
more details
Master's project
The master's project is an integral part of the kmbs MBA programs, because it must demonstrate the manager's ability to think critically, creatively, systematically and strategically, as well as confidently operate with the concepts learned during training.
In the process of writing a master's project, participants have additional consultations with teachers, and also go through a pre-defense, where they receive feedback on their work.
The final stage of work on the project is defense before the kmbs commission. A successfully defended master's project is a confirmation that the participant is able to find solutions to management problems at a strategic level.
Graduates of MVAF programs receive a master's degree in business administration from the Kyiv-Mohyla Business School
The convocation is a tradition of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, which is also followed by kmbs. Every year on June 28, members of the MBA cohorts, whose studies have come to an end, put on their robes and academic caps and take part in a celebratory ceremony. The dean of kmbs and the heads of MBA programs welcome graduates to join the Alumni community, and the most ardent participants receive a "dean's award". This holiday is the most anticipated for graduates, teachers, and the school team.
Stories of our graduates
How to become a participant of the program:
Submit the application
Fill in and submit an application form
Pass the test
Successfully pass the analytical skills test
An interview
Pass the interview with the program leader
For more information about the program, please contact
Olena Yehorova
MBA Programs manager
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