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Executive Development Programs
The Technology of Creation of the Decisive Competitive Advantage (VCP): the basic principles
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1 day
5500 uah
The Technology of Creation of the Decisive Competitive Advantage (VCP): the basic principles
The rules of long-term success of the company, the methodology of developing value propositions as the basis of the strategy of differentiation and exit from price wars.
The audience of the program is the owners and top managers who:
Want to differentiate in the market
Are in constant pressure reducing prices
Feel a drop in sales or a drop in margins
Want to work in the logic of creating greater value for the client
Prefer long-term solutions to short-term optimizations
The program opens up the possibilities:
Understanding the three rules of building a long-lasting successful company
The basic principles of a long-term successful company
Definition of the concept of "value" for the client and the methodology of its finding
Methodology for developing value propositions for clients
The technology of sales changes within the company
The technology of "complex sales" value propositions
The structure of the program
Day 1
Strategy of company differentiation
October 9, 2019

  • Harvard Business Review study and 3 rules for long-term business success
  • Fundamental principles of a successful company in terms of Theory of Limitations (TOC).
  • Calibrate the concept of Critical Competitive Advantage (VCP)
  • Creating value for the client
  • Value proposition development methodology
  • Nature of resistance to change and 5 reasons for resistance
  • Technology for selling changes within a company
  • Sophisticated sales. Selling Methodology "Values Proposals"

Julia Plieva more details
Adjunct professor
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Illia lapko
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