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Strategic Programs
School of Strategic Architect
School of Strategic Architect
for transformational leaders
A programme for transformational leaders of business, state, humanitarian and other social systems who will determine the successful future of Ukraine and the new role of Ukraine in the world
Ministers and deputy ministers, heads of state agencies
Members of the Parliament
Heads of the security and defence sector institutions
Owners and CEOs of powerful businesses
Owners and CEOs of media companies
Heads of NGOs
Heads of humanitarian institutions
The program is oriented
At three levels allows you to interact with the development of complex systems that have an open nature (company, country). And also integrated strategic solutions, increase the efficiency of systems and expand the possibilities of national development
Institutional level
The level of systems development
The level of national development
The structure of the program

The Programme methodology of Systems Design development is the basis for the success of the system and holistic solutions of the program participants.

  • Strategic core of the system development
  • Ecosystem design and management
  • Development of open business models
  • Business process simulation
  • Organizational culture
  • Systems thinking
  • Design thinking


Topics are designed to strengthen the facilitation of state institutions, enhance integration with non-state stakeholders and international partners to ensure Ukraine's victory and future post-war transformation. The development of the Grand Strategy components is considered at the national and global levels, taking into account the main global trends, trends and experience.


This approach is designed to work with one's own personality — the application of self-concept and reflective thinking. Through performance, conteporary art, meetings with philosophers, artists and directors, participants search for their way to self-determination, their definition of a new nature of leadership, happiness, freedom, creativity, personal strength, identity.



During the Programme, each participant develops solutions in the form of future strategies, system models and new open business models that ensure their implementation.

  • Multiplication of results
  • Institutionalization of changes
  • Transformation of complex systems
  • New strategy for open systems

Gelena Savruk more details
Oleksandr Savruk more details
Eduard Maltsev more details
Olena Zhyltsova more details
Olha Balashova more details
Adjunct professor
Oleksandr Lytvynenko more details
Adjunct professor
Viktor Okseniuk more details
Adjunct professor
Oksana Osadcha more details
Adjunct professor
Maryna Starodubska more details
Adjunct professor
How to become a member of the program
Application form
Application for participation in the Programme through a special online form.
Review of the application, identification of candidates for the next stage.
Interview with Gelena Savruk, head of the Programme; group composition.
dates of programs start
7 modules
7 modules of 2 days
250000 UAH
with VAT
For more information about the program, please contact
Michael Taran
Deputy head of the Program
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