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Executive Development Programs
Business Mediator Program (WHI)(Wirtschaftsmediator/in (IHK)
dates of programs start
5 modules 4 days each
09:00 - 18:00
98 000 uah
Business Mediator Program (WHI)(Wirtschaftsmediator/in (IHK)
Mediation as a broader vision of conflict resolution.
For whom?
Sometimes, instead of discussing ideas, proposing initiatives, and creating value for business, employees spend time arguing and conflicting. As a result, the company suffers financial and reputational losses.
A mediator will help to restore a productive climate in the team. The owner, manager, lawyer or HR manager, whoever is in this role, is key - the ability of the third party to understand the conflict and interact effectively with its participants.
"Business Mediator" is a special program of the Ukrainian Mediation Center and the Academy of the Munich Chamber of Commerce and Industry for those who want to develop mediation skills and effectively resolve conflicts in the business environment.
During 5 modules, participants get acquainted with the theoretical foundations, master mediation tools and practice techniques for resolving disputes with a win-win result. They learn to work with emotions, ask questions correctly and "hear" the deep needs of conflict participants as opposed to voiced arguments.
As a result, the skills acquired in the program allow them to successfully conduct mediation in their companies, effectively negotiate with colleagues, contractors, government agencies and "difficult" partners.
The content of the program is based on ethical and professional principles of the Federal Association "MEDIATION e.V. (VM) », Germany.
Why participate in the program?
understand the process of mediation from A to Z. the role of a mediator and successful cases
practice mediation techniques and techniques for resolving conflicts in the business environment
learn how to work ahead - anticipate a conflict or curtail it at an early stage
you will receive valuable insights from the teachers of the Ukrainian Mediation Center, who have many years of practical experience in the field and use integrated international approaches. Their qualification is confirmed at the international level (Great Britain, USA)
meet fellow mediators who will become reliable partners in learning and possibly in joint initiatives after the program
The structure of the program
Module 1
Fundamentals of mediation: key concepts, principles and ethical self-understanding of the specialist.
November 23-26, 2023

During the module you will learn:

  • How did mediation originate and develop, what mediation approaches exist;
  • What is the difference between the method and other ways of resolving conflicts;
  • In what areas is mediation used, advantages and disadvantages of the method;
  • What is business mediation and what is the main task of a mediator;
  • Components of the mediation process: stages, conditions and actions of the specialist;
  • Norms of professional ethics of a mediator;
  • As a specialist to work with the positions, interests and needs of the parties;
  • How to avoid distortion of information using communication tools: report, framing, reframing, paraphrasing, summarizing, etc .;
  • How interdisciplinary knowledge helps in conducting mediation.


Participants will also take part in Supervision №1, during which they will apply the knowledge of the mediation process in practice and receive feedback from the teacher.

Module 2
Personal competence. Understanding the role of the mediator.
December 14-17, 2023

During the module we will analyze:

  • What is the role of a mediator and how to avoid a conflict of roles;
  • Tasks and self-understanding of the mediator;
  • Basic principles in working with the parties to the conflict: respect, impartiality, neutrality, distancing from both sides, etc .;
  • Awareness of their own limits based on professional experience and socialization;
  • As a mediator to overcome the pitfalls of perception and identify the deep interests of the parties;
  • Why create networks and associations of mediators.

Participants will also take part in Supervision №2, which provides practical application of skills and feedback from the teacher.

Module 3
Moderation of the mediation process and development of solutions. Negotiation techniques and analysis.
January 18-21, 2024

During the module we will consider:

  • Stages of mediation;
  • How to properly start and end the mediation process;
  • What techniques and methods of moderation should be in the arsenal of a specialist;
  • Visual support of mediation: use of a flipchart, a magnetic marker board, computer programs;
  • As a mediator to analyze the negotiations of the parties;
  • What are the techniques for developing and evaluating solutions: brainstorming, mindmapping, risk analysis, etc .;
  • Issues of legal regulation of mediation;


Exercises and role-playing games with feedback are also waiting for the participants.

Module 4
Fundamentals of conflictology. Conflict mediation in the organization.
February 15-18, 2024

During the module you will learn:

  • What are the types of conflicts and which of them are the most common in business;
  • Causes, dynamics of development and degree of escalation of conflicts;
  • Features of mediation in the business environment;
  • How to integrate business mediation in conflict management in the company;
  • How to prepare for conflict: situation analysis and personal adjustment;
  • The concept of "force" and "justice" in mediation.

Module 5
Intercultural mediation. Final exam of the program.
March 14-17, 2024

During the module you will find:

  • Fundamentals of cross-cultural and cross-national mediation;
  • Research of communication levels;
  • Supervision №3 and №4 - study of tools of group supervision for search of answers to difficult questions;


Theoretical and practical final exam, which consists of two parts: presentation of the course work and demonstration of mediator skills to solve the case. The exam will be taken by mediators from Germany.


Upon successful completion of the exam, each participant will receive a Certificate of Completion.


Galyna Eremenko more details
Adjunct professor
What do you need to enter?
Application form
application form Business Mediator Program (Wirtschaftsmediator / in (IHK)
communication Talk to the program manager
98 000 uah
Apply for the program
For more information about the program, please contact
Nataliia Makohin
Manager of the Ukrainian Center for Mediation
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