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7 modules each of 3 days
126000 uah
School of Marketing
Extensive systemic vision of marketing, rethinking marketing strategy, and presentation of individual project
Program's Target Audience is Marketing and Brand Managers who seek to:
Gain a thorough professional knowledge of marketing
Build a productive marketing system in their companies
Shift from intuitive to rational and systematic decision-making, and to be able to align solutions with the company's strategy
Learn to implement and adapt the entire marketing system in times of change
What does the Program provide?
Understanding the marketing system as a whole, as well as the relationships between its key elements.
The logic of building and managing a marketing system.
Opportunity to rethink yourself and the entire marketing system through the prism of your own experience among 30 other marketing professionals.
The skill to recognize what the market needs now, what the consumer will buy, under what conditions, when, in what situation, and at what price, and align that with the capabilities and strategy of the company.
Development of analytical and creative thinking for effective development and implementation of marketing solutions.
Ability to choose means and tools that are appropriate for the marketing strategy, goals, internal and external circumstances.
Emotional charge in order to develop innovative solutions and carry out their implementation.
Participant’s own marketing project, developed with the guidance of the KMBS team, which allows you to put the knowledge into a holistic vision and find answers to questions that arise during development
The structure of the program
Module 1
Marketing strategy
November 12-14

  • Strategic idea in business. Values, vision, mission.
  • Marketing philosophy: Traditional and radical approaches.
  • Logic of marketing strategy. Strategic marketing solutions.
  • Segmentation: What formats work in practice?
  • Differentiation and positioning: Creating sustainable competitive advantage. Key points and steps of differentiation.
  • Do you need research and if so, what kind?
  • How can you know and feel the consumer without research?

Module 2
Management of consumer behavior
December 10-12

  • Customizing the business system to the client. Customer ranks.
  • Selection of key clients.
  • Consumer buying behavior. Levels of buying behavior.
  • CRM or Customer Really Matters. The strategy of forming relationships with customers.
  • Service strategy VS product strategy.
  • Customer Orientation Strategy. Service Marketing.
  • Research: What information does a marketer need in order to make decisions?
  • Loyal buyer: Where's the button?
  • Development of loyalty programs based on examples of Ukrainian companies.

Module 3
January 21-23

  • Brand strategy.
  • Brand creation models.
  • Stages of brand building.
  • Brand portfolio management.
  • Brand extension.
  • Brand rejuvenation.
  • Brand Sense: channels of sensory perception of the brand.

Module 4
Management of Product/Price/Channels
February 18-20

  • Productive innovations and R'n'D marketing.
  • Innovative solutions for product portfolio management.
  • Creating and launching breakthrough products.
  • The essence and logic of product innovation.
  • Product lifecycle management. Features of the brand lifecycle.
  • Pricing strategy.
  • Price change strategy and tactics.
  • Pricing policy for new VS existing products.
  • Building sales channels.
  • Tools and techniques to increase sales.

Module 5
Communication Management
March 18-20

  • Communication of a strategic idea. Strategic messages for target audiences.
  • Integrated marketing communications.
  • The formula of effective communication. Creative.
  • Internal Communications: An external influence catalyst.
  • PR: effective communications for business.
  • Digital marketing: unfamiliar words - familiar concepts.
  • Media Planning. Evaluation and effectiveness of communication campaigns.

Module 6
Creating a new product in an existing company
April 15-17

  • Challenges and barriers to product innovation in existing companies.
  • Where do ideas come from? Terms and tools that can help.
  • How to work with ideas. Three “right” principles: right focus, right process, right people.
  • Innovation roadmap: 7 steps from idea to implementation.
  • Principles and tools for testing hypotheses when creating new products.
  • The concept of MVP. Why is it useful? Its understanding, building, and application.
  • Creating an interactive prototype.

Module 7
Management of the marketing system
May 13-15

  • I am a marketing director. Effective manager.
  • Marketing + Sales: Collaboration or struggle?
  • Marketing planning and budgeting.
  • Working with a team.
  • Finance for the marketer: Marketing in “digital language”.
  • Management of marketing projects.
  • The art of public speaking and presentations.
  • Negotiation skills.
  • Where books end: marketer’s managerial decisions.

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