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Executive Development Programs
School of brand management
dates of programs start
3 Days
13200 uah
School of brand management
Ukraine's first specialized brand management program
Program target audience
Owners and top management of small and medium-sized Ukrainian businesses who want to create a profit-making brand
Marketers and brand managers who seek to gain systematic knowledge of brand management and the ability to choose the most optimal strategies and tools
The program will give you:
A systematic understanding of how a brand works and how brand-technology helps to grow revenues by increasing the value of a business
Express-audit of participant own-brands and development of elements of their own-brand strategy
Tools for effective management of own-brands taking into account features of Ukrainian consumers
Ability to analyze the target audience in terms of its barriers and drivers
The structure of the program
Day 1
Brand structure and positioning. How to lay the foundation of the brand and ensure its uniqueness?

  • What should an owner and brand manager know if they want to build a really strong brand? Where to start and what to avoid?
  • What distinguishes strong brands and how to create a brand leader?
  • Brand architecture and portfolio management.
  • The role of the brand manager in shaping the client's attitude to the brand.
  • Brand pyramid as a tool for creating a strategic foundation.
  • What should a brand say and how should it speak?
  • Emotional focus of the brand. Tools for forming emotional brand focus in TV, digital, outdoor, press.

Day 2
Brand management tools
Effective brand management tools used at different stages of brand life

  • Brand management as a simultaneous movement in two opposite directions. The top three questions a brand manager should always take care of.
  • Branding tools with a high level of awareness.
  • Three levels of consumer-brand relationship.
  • How to increase sales in a new market with an existing brand and not fall into the trap of mistrust for the customer?
  • Brand Audit: Algorithm and Typical Brand Mistakes.
  • When is it best to create a new brand and when to create a new brand?
  • Rules of generation of novelties. Kinds of innovation to develop existing customers and attract new customers.
  • Typology of Brand Growth Barriers, and How to Find Ideas to Overcome Perception Barriers?

Day 3
Brand Audit and Brand Strategy
How to take a brand to a new level and earn more from it?

  • The main challenges of modern brand management.
  • Brand-management mistakes that can't be avoided and that you should know about. Errors that can be prevented.
  • The main components of a brand strategy and the stages of its creation.
  • How do you come up with an idea for a new product if everyone around you is doing the same thing?
  • Features of brand management at different stages of its life cycle.
  • The similarities and differences of managing online and off-line brands.
  • Brand management of companies operating in B2B markets.
  • Manage vendor branding in a distribution company.
  • Hard Brand Management Tools.
  • Brand rejuvenation / modernization tools.

Olena Maltseva more details
Вадим Пустотін more details
Visiting professor
What does it take to join?
Application form
Fill in the application form on the site
Communicate with the application manager
13200 uah
Apply for the program
For more information about the program, please contact
Inna Khrusch
EDP program manager
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