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Програми управлінського розвитку
Cross-Cultural Communication: partners, clients, teams
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2 Days
10:00 - 18:00
10000 грн
Cross-Cultural Communication: partners, clients, teams
This program is a practical opportunity to get a better understanding of the specifics of negotiating with international clients and partners communicating effectively with representatives of different cultures
The audience of the program - managers, entrepreneurs and freelancers who:
Regularly interact with English-speaking clients, partners, investors, and employees
Lead or are a part of cross-cultural teams
Experienced misunderstanding or miscommunication with international clients and partners
Are interested in argumenting persuasively in various cultural contexts
Seek to master handling critique, feedback, complaints, and cooperation refusal across cultures
Need to learn or practice presentation/pitching skills to international clients, colleagues, partners or investors
What you should expect:
Learning about the impact of cultural differences on business conversations
Practical application of culturally-embedded approaches to negotiations with foreign partners
Practicing argumentation and speaking skills in different cultural contexts
Learning about critical differences between English and Ukrainian every non-English speaker should know
Discussing optimal presentation structure and applying it to various themes and audiences
Key points that cause misunderstanding between different cultures in the perception of power and authority, truth, time and deadlines, teamwork, trust, achievements and status, informal relationships
Структура програми
Day 1
Classification of cultures for better decision-making

  • What culture is and how it influences business and daily work. Key components, underlying concepts, and attributes of culture.
  • Classifications of cultures for business purposes: decision-making patterns, view of world and self, perception of time, authority, deadlines, relationships, negotiations, meetings, status, and subordination.
  • What 'cultural dimensions' are and how they apply to effective cross-cultural communication - Fons Trompenaars culture model.
  • Riley LMR model: linear-active, multi-active, and reactive cultures - compatibility, similarities and differences, treatment of people, goals, and deadlines, points of focus, data- or dialogue- orientation, level of trust, and trusted information sources.
  • Four components of employee performance and the impact of culture on each one.


WORKSHOP: Practicing culturally-embedded decision-making based on a real-life case situation.

Day 2
Peculiarities of spoken and written communication in different cultures:

  • How speaking, listening, building trust, and holding meetings vary from culture to culture.
  • Personal vs impersonal relationships and communications: preferences depending on the type of culture.
  • Argumentation for different cultures: primary and secondary information, points of focus.
  • The basic structure of email correspondence as applied to different cultures.
  • The basic structure of presentation as applied to different cultures.


WORKSHOP: Practicing culturally-embedded speaking and writing.

Preparing a conversation with an international client/partner.

Preparing an email to an international client/partner.

Марина Стародубська детальніше
Adjunct professor
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10000 грн
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Марина Земськова
Менеджерка програм управлінського розвитку
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