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Participants of MBAF-11 and MBAF-12 created holistic concepts of strategic development for the enterprise "Danube Agrarian"
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Participants of MBAF-11 and MBAF-12 created holistic concepts of strategic development for the enterprise "Danube Agrarian"
These are the results of their study visit to Izmail.

The issue of estimating the value of Ukrainian agricultural land is especially relevant today in connection with the opening of the land market for individuals, starting from July 1, 2021. There are many factors that affect the commercial value of agricultural land, in particular, soil quality, irrigation, land integrity, availability of warehousing and transport logistics, the general state of economic development, prices for agricultural products on world exchanges, the dynamics of climate change etc.

The assessment of the value of agricultural land on the example of the agricultural enterprise "Danube Agrarian", which grows fruits, vegetables, grains and oilseeds in an organic way and was the main educational goal of the field module of MBAF-11 and MBAF-12 groups. Participants worked on the development of the strategic development of the company "Danube Agrarian" and carried out an investment assessment of how the strategy affects the value of the business, as well as explored how the use of financial instruments and insurance contracts affects its effectiveness.

It is noteworthy that the managing partners of this business are graduates of Kyiv-Mohyla Business School Roman Dyazhuk and Pavlo Barbashov, who set a high and ambitious goal: to improve the quality of Ukrainian food by consuming healthy organic vegetables and fruits, as well as various snacks and products for children that are made from organic crops.

To work on this interesting case, participants were divided into three groups that developed different concepts of strategic development of the company, different marketing strategies, different ways to attract partner and debt financing, different approaches to the use of financial and insurance products.

As a result, the teams presented holistic concepts of business development and made its investment assessment taking into account the strategies developed by them. These presentations were highly appreciated by business partners, who took their time to think about the further development of the "Danube Agrarian".


Many thanks to kmbs professor and the Head of MBAF program Yevhen Pentsak for such interesting reflection on the visit!

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