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"Word comes first followed by everything else." Volodymyr Panchenko commemoration meeting was held as part of the Essay Days
"Word comes first followed by everything else." Volodymyr Panchenko commemoration meeting was held as part of the Essay Days
On December 19 at kmbs was a day to cherish the life of prominent Ukrainian writer and literary critic as well as his works.

“... In the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy courtyard, there is a sundial of the 18th century, and I often stop there when passing by.  You can't keep from admiring it. There is something waggish in its "hat" and mushroom-like pose.  The key is it tells the time accurately and impeccably.  It reminds of the fleet and the eternal.  One can nor stop, nor switch it off, ”- in these words Vladimir Panchenko invites the reader to a journey around Ukraine in the preface to his book “Sundial”.

Passing by this sundial almost every day, we gratefully acknowledge the signposts made by Ukrainian writer and literary critic, who had been working beaver-like for many years for the benefit of the Kyiv Mohyla Academy and Ukraine.

Volodymyr Panchenko loved to travel exploring our country, and paid special attention to the stories and life journeys of people who lived at various times.  He said that it made him feel involved in another life - ended, passed into the past, having left behind only obliterate signs.

Let's always remember his parting words: "If you get tired of the fuss, if you are almost dead rather than alive because of the routine or the absurdity around, if you feel sad and anxious  - set off on a journey!  The road tempts you with a "thirst for vision and knowledge", allows for deeper gnosis of oneself as a descendant of those who lived here a hundred or a thousand years earlier. 

Speaking with other travellers, Vladimir Panchenko called himself a "free electrician." When asked what exactly he was doing, he used to reply: “I screw in bulbs. But I'm not an employed one.  I'm just a free electrician. If it's dark somewhere - I try to screw in the bulbs ... ".

On December 19, within the Essay Days, we recalled of the life and works of this eminent literary scholar, shared stories about Panchenko, a teacher, a politician, a writer, a manager, a colleague, and a friend.  

 Volodymyr was passionate about books, he was interested in people, and as an essayist - put a premium on the word and was a master storyteller.  He was also notable for his hunger for knowledge and something new - he devoted his life to creating a cultural map of Ukraine and restoring places of historical memory.

Finally, Volodymyr Panchenko had a point in "Sundial" - one can nor stop, nor switch it off, but exploring human's history, his history - one can touch something great and eternal.

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