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"Strengthening the membership of small and medium-sized businesses in Ukraine" continues
"Strengthening the membership of small and medium-sized businesses in Ukraine" continues
"Strengthening the membership of small and medium-sized businesses in Ukraine" continues
The training was resumed within the joint project of Kyiv-Mohyla Business School and UNDP, "Strengthening membership business associations of small and medium-sized businesses in Ukraine."

This project aims to accelerate the development of the IHR sector by strengthening the capacity of member business associations (BUs).

On May 20 and 21, the project participants gathered for the 6th training module in the online environment after a few months' break.

Eduard Maltsev started the training module in the new conditions with the words: "In conditions of complete uncertainty, when we do not know much, the only chance to make working decisions is to learn. To learn, you need to create a new understanding and a new explanation. To hear each other, understand what is happening "in the fields," summarize correctly, and draw conclusions that will be useful to all of us — our task with you."

Participants noted that we entered the war almost immediately after the pandemic and were therefore ready for distance work and learning. If it does not sound sad  we are prepared for the worst. From one crisis, we immediately entered another, in the conditions in which we have to find solutions for our BOs and the businesses of our BO members. The project participants discussed how the business environment and needs of business association members have changed in the new environment and how the role and mission of business associations are changing at the moment and in the recovery period.

Together with Olena Sapozhkova, the participants sought answers to important questions for business associations: what should be the membership in business associations in the new conditions: during the war and the country's reconstruction; what funding strategies look like, and which ones to choose. Ukrainian business is increasingly saying that it is interested in the game's rules. Not adapting to the game's laws but participating in their creation  together with other players, creating favorable conditions for the country's comprehensive development. At the same time, external  security  requirements must be combined with internal readiness to play by the new rules and take responsibility for the country's fate. If you leave the old rules, the interest in Ukraine will fade very quickly. The new social contract conditions should result from a dialogue  especially between economically active actors  business, civil society, and the state. This dialogue must be conducted, setting a new tone and showing that the company is ready to think in terms of government. The role of business associations in shaping a new social contract cannot be overstated. It is business associations that accumulate and express the opinion of business and act as an essential communication link between industry, the state, and society.

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