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Training on the Presidents' MBA kmbs continues
Training on the Presidents' MBA kmbs continues
Training on the Presidents' MBA kmbs continues
Last week, the PMBA-24 group met at kmbs for another training module. From November 21 to 25, the participants were expected to continue their already familiar courses and begin new ones.

In particular, together with the head of Presidents' MBA, Eduard Maltsev, the group dealt with the concepts of "organization," "creator," "intuition," and "composition" within the framework of the new course "Organizational Design." "Companies have an economic and social component because their founders create a certain society. If this society is harmonious, then the company has a chance to survive its creator. And the key tool in this creation is the composition, said Mr. Eduard. — From this point of view, art is very tangential to management. Both there and there about many things we feel: harmonious or not, composed or not." According to Mr. Eduard, the actual organizational design connects a complex of ideas and a complex of people — and creates a coherent composition from them.

With kmbs professor Olena Sapozhkova, the participants of PMBA-24 plunged into the depths of the course "Corporate Management." They discussed what motivates them to do business, their "whys," and different types of managers' motivation and management theories. "When we do not have information, we are uncertain, which means that it is difficult for us to assess risks. Therefore, uncertainty must be reduced, and one way to do this is to build processes and control systems. Corporate management, in particular, is taken care of this," says Ms. Olena.

The participants also studied the courses "Operational efficiency" with Serhii Komberyanov and "Economic engineering" with Viktor Galasyuk. And on the last day of this module, they met with the diplomat Danylo Lubkivskyi and the philosopher Orest Luty, at which the world order was discussed: how it was formed, how it is changing now, and what it could be in the future.

And art critic Diana Klochko interested the group in the topic "Why do Ukrainians collect art." She spoke about the origin of this tradition in Europe, the role of the Medici family in this process, cultural expansion, and the formation of our shared cultural space with Europe. "Andrii Bogolyubsky could steal the icon from Vyshhorod and take it to Moscow to make it their main shrine. And the Ukrainian tradition is different: you have to buy, order works of art, and sponsor artists," said Ms. Diana.

Over five eventful days, the participants gained a lot of knowledge and insights - and now look forward to the next module. And we will wait for them again at kmbs!

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