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The PMBA-24 group and the corporate finance game
The PMBA-24 group and the corporate finance game
The PMBA-24 group and the corporate finance game
Last week, the Presidents' MBA-24 group had another training module on financial management and choosing investment strategies.

In particular, the participants completed a course on corporate finance with Veronika Verba, professor of kmbs, director of the KNEU Institute of Management Consulting, and doctor of economic sciences.

The highlight of the last lessons of the course was the role play "Who should be responsible for the profit?". Each participant got the opportunity to feel himself in a specific position  owner, CEO, financial director, or independent consultant — because one of the main goals of the game was to see in practice how differently it is possible to look at the same financial reporting indicators of companies from different positions.

In the end, several teams were formed, and each of them had to conduct a thorough analysis of the company's financial condition, and changes in economic indicators, evaluate their dynamics in the context of strategic tasks and changes in the market situation, as well as argue the conclusions for making different decisions. And the participants had to agree on the "legend" of the roles: what personal, professional, and business interests should be inherent to them and what goals each participant in the negotiations seeks to achieve.

As Ms. Veronika noted, "Financial analysis is always performed by a person with his views and interests. Therefore, the interpretation of each indicator depends on the subjective position of the person who looks at it. For some, the net present value of the project of UAH 5 million is not enough. For some, it is too much for happiness." This subjectivity was demonstrated to the participants by the game, especially when they started holding a "meeting" to discuss the company's performance, the quality of financial resources management, and the work of leadership. It became clear that personal goals and professional interests, management culture, and level of strategic vision all affect how we assess the state of the business. Therefore, paying attention to all this to the manager is essential.

Ms. Veronika emphasized that the business needs to clearly outline the areas of responsibility and authority of the owner, general director, and financial director. In this case, it is possible to ensure the practical work of the entire management team and, as a result, achieve the desired economic and financial results. After all, according to the speaker, "financial indicators are only a reflection of the strategic and operational management decisions made in the company."

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