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Convocation – 2021
Convocation – 2021
Participants of five MBA groups received diplomas at the Convocation ceremony of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and joined the Alumni kmbs community.

The convocation at the Kyiv-Mohyla Business School, which always takes place on June 28, is one of the most festive days of the year. The school team, teachers, and, of course, participants are looking forward to it.

Studying in MBA programs is not easy. However, this year's graduates had to go this way under special circumstances, said in a welcoming speech by the dean of kmbs Olexander Savruk. "You had to study in difficult conditions: the pandemic has become a challenge for humanity, the war in our country is going on for 8 years. Uncertainty and unpredictability are the main characteristics of our time. However, overcoming all obstacles, you still achieved your goal. And moved to another level. Now you are ready to take responsibility for yourself, your business, and the country. "

So, for 53 managers, two years of hard training, hard work, exciting lectures, field modules, unexpected insights are behind us. And during these two years, the participants were always led by MBA leaders - they shared wisdom, supported, inspired. Each of them said his parting word on this solemn day as well. Eduard Maltsev (deputy dean of kmbs, head of PMBA) noted that MBA education allows being free in the first place; Olena Zhyltsova (EMBA leader) wanted great ideas, mind, and soul for them, and people around her who will believe and appreciate unconditionally; Eugene Pentsak (head of MBAF) compared life with a picture, a piece of which has already been painted, but the most interesting is still ahead.

Traditionally, the dean of kmbs "Breakthrough" was awarded. Its owners this year were Iryna Horova (PMBA-20), Vitaliy Siomka (PMBA-21), Lesya Omelyanenko (EMBA-33), Oleksiy Volkov (EMBA-34) and Olga Frantsuzova (MBAF-11).

EMBA-27 graduate Kateryna Martynenko made a welcoming speech and an invitation to join the Alumni kmbs community but advised not to hesitate because, as sung in the student anthem, "Gaudeamus," "vita nostra brevis est."

After the official part, the graduates had a surprise - their last homework: they just had to study and sing a song together at the event. The task was performed brilliantly - the performance was incredibly energetic.

We congratulate the graduates on beginning a new stage of their lives; we wish them new heights and endless horizons!

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