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Studying in an international context
Studying in an international context
Studying in an international context
Executive MBA training at kmbs is about broad contexts, large systems, and complex interactions. Therefore, MBA participants constantly work with international teachers to analyze global processes, cases, and test methodologies.

In particular, the EMVA-38 group recently met with Gregory Perelman, an analytics manager at WellsFargoBank (San Francisco, USA) and a visiting finance lecturer at kmbs. The participants talked with Gregory about changes in the global economy, inflation, and investors' expectations in the American markets. And they also analyzed practical examples, had an active discussion — and, in the end, we're able to understand the rather complicated financial aspects of the current world situation.

Also, three Executive MBA groups — EMBA-36, EMBA-37, and EMBA-38 — had an excellent opportunity to learn why managers and all business employees should master design thinking. And it's not just that companies that follow this approach, according to McKinsey, show 2.5 times better results than others.

Antwerp Management School professor Remko Lenstra explained to the MBA participants how transformative the implementation of design thinking could be at every level of an organization. "They say. First, we sharpen our tools, and then they sharpen us. The same thing happens with design thinking, he says. "First, we study its processes and tools, and later they transform our organization and us."

Meetings with international professors are integral to MBA programs at kmbs, even during wartime. Olena Zhyltsova, head of Executive MBA kmbs, is convinced: "The ability to think big, see the big picture, understand global rules of the game, communicate effectively with speakers of different cultures is no longer a nice-to-have, but a must-have of a modern top manager. Intellectual interaction with experts from different countries and industries certainly develops such capabilities. And as a pleasant bonus, it also allows you to develop useful networking, whether on the west coast of the United States or down the Scheldt River."

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