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EMBA-38 training: immersion in "Management of human capital"
EMBA-38 training: immersion in "Management of human capital"
EMBA-38 training: immersion in "Management of human capital"
From February 23 to 26, the Executive MBA-38 group had another training module, during which, in particular, with kmbs professor Olena Zhyltsova, they studied the course "Management of human capital".

Kahoot! — participants answered questions to understand how familiar they are with the current context of Human Capital and competed anonymously with each other. But the purpose of this exercise was to determine the participants' level of awareness and demonstrate how adult learning works.

After summarizing the results and determining the winners, Olena Zhyltsova said that one of the keys to effective learning is the beginning of the lesson, which would activate a person's previous experience; it would not seem too difficult to her. Still, it would not be too simple, either. In other words, to learn something, we must first fail. We must understand: our existing experience is not enough. Then we leave the comfort zone and enter the "stretch zone" (and if the teacher makes the task too difficult, then into the "panic zone," but this is not productive for learning).

Thus, in the first hour of training, the participants activated their "stretching zone" and learned about the peculiarities of adult training. Therefore, now they can use this model in different situations, for example, when they need to convey a message to employees or colleagues.

Olena told the participants of EMBA-38 about how the Human Resources Management (HRM) field evolved into Human Capital Management (HCM). What once started as labor protection developed as recruiting, retention, etc., and gradually reached the strategic level.

"Today, we do not consider employees a homogeneous group but talk about a network. Organizations may not have clear boundaries now, but many partnerships are emerging. Accordingly, it is not only about full-time employees but about a whole ecosystem of people working to implement a strategic business idea, says Olena. "Accordingly, the company should have practices for each of them."

The participants also learned that the HCM process is business integrated. Although it may seem that it does not generate income, thanks to the development and implementation of HCM solutions, the company more effectively creates value, achieves long-term goals, and realizes the strategic idea.

In the following modules, EMBA-38 participants will continue delving into the human capital and HCM strategy world.

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