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Values and power: what is the future of international relations
Values and power: what is the future of international relations
Values and power: what is the future of international relations
Participants of the Presidents' MBA-24 group met with diplomat Danylo Lubkivskiy within the framework of the following training module.

What exactly is diplomacy? How did the modern world order come about, and what is it based on? And what is the role of Ukraine in it? This was discussed at the meeting of the PMBA-24 group with diplomat and director of the Kyiv Security Forum Danylo Lubkivskyi. The philosopher and writer Taras Lyuty moderated this meaningful event.

Mr. Danylo spoke about creating the Westphalian system — a complex of peace treaties. "At that moment, the concept of sovereignty arose for the first time in Europe. The countries fought each other for so long, fought so terribly that it became clear: this war cannot bring victory to anyone," the diplomat shared with the participants of the RMVA. Thus, in 1648, the main elements of modern international relations were recorded: "we are capable of coexistence, there is no elder, all are equal." This is called sovereignty.

As we can see, today, russia is breaking the balance built a century ago. "russian imperialism poses an exceptional threat to humanity," says the guest lecturer. "And putin, having gone to war against Ukraine, is trying to turn the world back to 1914." Power belongs to the strong. There are no rules — this is the reality from the dictator's point of view. So, the consequence of the victory of Ukraine and our Western allies over russian imperialism should be the political reorganization of the present russian federation.

The topic of the UN was also touched on at the meeting because this organization is now often criticized for its inaction. According to the speaker, the UN has done much during its history. In particular, the fact that humanity has not experienced a nuclear cataclysm is a merit of this organization and decolonization practices due to the disappearance of empires and the emergence of nation-states.

Mr. Danylo reminded me there is no way for Ukraine to retreat in this war because retreat would mean the end of the existence of our state. "And how Ukraine's victory over russian imperialism will be achieved will have a significant impact on international relations," says the diplomat. — Our victory will mean new opportunities for the whole world, particularly positive economic consequences and the reformation of central international institutions. After all, the victory over russia in this war is of exceptional, existential importance for humanity."

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