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How a CEO can prepare a company for the future: a meeting with Dmytro Shymkiv
How a CEO can prepare a company for the future: a meeting with Dmytro Shymkiv
How a CEO can prepare a company for the future: a meeting with Dmytro Shymkiv
Can a modern organization develop without investing in people's education? Of course not, - said Dmytro Shymkiv, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Darnitsa Group, Member of the Supervisory Board of the Ukrainian Startup Fund and Kyivstar.

Dmytro Shymkiv with Yuriy Bugay, CEO and co-founder of StudyDive, and participants of the event talked about how leadership is changing today. In particular, extreme ownership (attitude to everything that happens in the company as the owner), storytelling, ability to work with data and technology, adaptability to change, empathy become important for current and future managers. All this needs to be learned, and this is the task of the company's L&D function and the personal responsibility of each person.

"The foundations of leadership have not changed over the years, but the circumstances and dynamics of decision-making have changed," says Dmytro. - That is why it is important for leaders never to stop learning new things. If you say "I already know that", you immediately fall into the danger zone. "

Every night Dmytro himself asks himself: what did he learn during the day? And every six months there is a training that takes him out of his comfort zone. For example, he recently took a course at Harvard Medical School to better understand his colleagues at the pharmaceutical company. By the way, this is a typical approach for the Darnitsa Group: even the CFO took a similar course there.

The meeting also discussed tools that can be useful for the development of leaders, in particular:

  • A personal learning plan that you need to develop on a regular basis, asking yourself: what am I missing right now?
  • Coaching as a way to find answers within yourself.
  • Shadowing (when you become a "shadow" of a top manager for one day, you observe his work and behavior).
  • International internships that stimulate you to begin to understand other cultures and see other people's and your own dogmas.

Participants managed to ask Dmitry a lot of interesting questions and get detailed answers. The following thoughts were voiced in the dialogues:

  • The more diverse the team, the more successful it is, but the harder it is to put it together.
  • Sometimes a person has talent but no skills to move on. This requires training.
  • Different generations have different dynamics and motivation to learn.
  • It is necessary to constantly provoke people to learn, including by their own example.

And, according to Dmitry, every organization must evolve. And he does it through his people. No wonder the maturity of the manager is, in particular, the understanding that he needs to constantly evolve.

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