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In honor of Volodymyr Morents
In honor of Volodymyr Morents
In honor of Volodymyr Morents
The Mini-Festival "Days of Essays" -2021 ended with an open conversation in honor of Vladimir Morents "Essays on Poetry".

Volodymyr Pylypovych Morenets is a literary critic, Doctor of Philology, Professor, Head of the Department of Literary Studies at NaUKMA, First Vice President of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, one of the founders of the development and formation of the NaUKMA Doctoral School. Kyiv-Mohyla Business School has been associated with Volodymyr Pylypovych for many years of Morents' work as a teacher and as a leader in the humanities, years of respect and trust.


Volodymyr Morenets was a fine and audible reader of poetry, a recognized and outstanding author of literary essays. His texts remain exemplary in this genre, including the book "Oxymoron" (2010), repeatedly mentioned and quoted at the meeting. Naturally, the open conversation in kmbs flowed in this direction - the relationship of poetry and essays.


Poet Vasyl Herasymyuk, literary critic and translator Roman Veretelnyk, Lyudmila Kiselyova, philosopher and literary critic Tetyana Ogarkova (who moderated the meeting) are friends and colleagues of Volodymyr Pylypovych who supported each other in the loss—supported by thinking about poetry and ways to talk about it.


"If there is no order in the minds and souls, then where will it come from on earth and in social reality ... I treat thought and poetry as the only modern way of human realization ... Where poetry ends, nothing begins."


Tatiana Ogarkova aptly recalled these quotes from Volodymyr Morents. They were clarified and explained by Lyudmila Kiselyova when she analyzed the Morents-essayist method itself. He quoted a lengthy poetic passage, which contained a kind of cavity, unanswered; in the space of this unspoken and sensitive language of the essayist was born. Slightly paradoxical: we need to overcome the layers of what we define as a social experience to develop the art of the word. That is why poetry renews thinking, - said Kiselyova. Vasyl Herasymyuk pointed out that Volodymyr Pylypovych himself wrote poems, which he read aloud to his closest friends. In this way, exceptional acoustics emerges among people, without which there is no essay on poetry. Morets` essays are not just poetry essays. They are an essay of a poet among poets. Such work naturally becomes part of the author's biography, - Roman Veretelnyk emphasized.


To the 60th anniversary of Morents, a collection of honor was published, which was eloquently titled "The Word That Chooses You." When asked what a poetry essay is, the participants appealed to the eloquent title of this book in one way or another. Articles of this type, mastered by Volodymyr Morenets, appear when the author and the material subject are ready and able to change every moment.

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