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Executive Development Programs
Artificial intelligence for executives: from routine automation to value creation
dates of programs start
1 day
10:00 - 18:00 [waiting list]
9000 uah
Artificial intelligence for executives: from routine automation to value creation
A program for those who want to integrate artificial intelligence into the team's work and develop a strategy for integrating AI into the company's daily processes
Program's Target Audience is business owners and executives who recognize the need to use artificial intelligence tools to increase the competitive advantage of their businesses, create innovations, and:
understand that the point use of artificial intelligence for routine purposes does not significantly improve processes and the value chain
want to understand the principles of professional work with AI for better team interaction and maximization of the company's potential
are looking for sustainable ways to apply AI tools to increase the efficiency, adaptability and flexibility of their teams
want to create an innovative product and relevant customer value using AI to achieve long-term success for the company
are considering implementing a new role in the AI team
What does the Program provide?
change of focus: from artificial intelligence to automate routine recurring tasks in the company to a technological solution that changes processes, enables faster and better team interaction, and generates prerequisites for strategic decision-making and innovation in the company
understanding what infrastructure is needed for professional work with AI in the company: data packages and creation of a role that deals with AI internally or externally
practical experience in developing solutions to specific complex challenges, working in a team not only with other participants, but also with specially created AI agents that capture the collective intelligence of the group, complement the expertise of people and generate new ideas
vision of new opportunities to use multi-agent AI models to increase competitiveness, flexibility, and adaptability of the company
The structure of the program
July 17
Day 1
10:00 - 18:00

The most important things about artificial intelligence for top managers.

AI era: achievements and opportunities, failures and risks.

Fundamental limitations of digital technologies development and prospects of generalized AI creation.

Synergy between humans and AI.


What value can executives create with artificial intelligence?

Industry mapping: opportunities for using AI in different industries.

Conditions for successful AI integration in companies.

Three levels of AI usage: software, code, and multi-agent models.

Multi-agent models and added intelligence of teams: faster response to weak market signals and search for competitive solutions and creative approaches.


What is Swarm AI and how it affects the process of solving complex problems?

Artificial intelligence: machine, swarm, and augmented. What is the fundamental difference?

Limitations of generative artificial intelligence: lack of contextual awareness.

Why the best data is insights from corporate communities that sense context and prioritization?

Swarm AI (swarm intelligence) is a collective decision-making technology where human expertise is enhanced and complemented by the collective intelligence of artificial swarms.

Reactive and proactive products of interaction with AI.

Practical work by a team of participants together with multi-agent models.

Research: how Swarm AI expands the range of possible solutions. 


A roadmap for integrating AI into team work.

Yevhen Sarantsov more details
Visiting professor
Stanislav Podiachev more details
Adjunct professor
Valeriy Omelchuk more details
Visiting professor
What do you need to attend?
Application form
fill out the online application form
speak with the Program Manager
Participation confirmation
to reserve a spot in the group, full prepayment of the program cost is required.
9000 uah
Apply for the program
For more information about the program, please contact
Yelyzaveta Nikitchenko
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