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How managers change roles during war. Episode 7. Sergei Fedorik
How managers change roles during war. Episode 7. Sergei Fedorik
People. Leadership and management. Culture
Serhiy Fedoryk — founder and managing partner of KEY Group, a graduate of Executive MBA kmbs - went to war on February 28. His family left Ukraine, and he was able to focus on defending our state.

But the manager remains the manager even in the war, so Serhiy continues to reflect and sometimes shares his findings on his Facebook page. In particular, during the first two months of the war, he formulated the following criteria for success in military service:

«1. Open eyes and willingness to learn.

2. Balance between attacks and apologies = justice.

3. Everyone around you is as dependent on you as you are on them. The closer to you - the greater the interdependence.

It's not just about the equipment but also actions, life, and words inside and outside the team.

4. Escalations are cool. If you see the possibility of improvement, and no one has done anything to improve because it requires jumping over the head of the immediate supervisor, do an escalation.

This is one of the most significant cultural differences between our army and the Rus. It should be used to the fullest. Don't be afraid to look stupid.

The improvement is worth a few inadequate evaluations. War is about victory, not about evaluation. Grades will be in civilian life.

5. Understanding the different constraints across the distant horizons of planning your participation in military affairs:

  • the personnel planning horizon is a lifetime
  • the planning horizon of civilians (reservists) in the army is limited to the end of the war. "

According to Serhiy, motivated civilians are better than unmotivated military, especially if they are businessmen. "As civilians, mastering a new specialty, we did and studied in two weeks what the military has been studying for months in peacetime. Yes, we have extensive managerial experience, nine higher educations for six, and motivation," he described his colleagues.

That is why Serhiy is optimistic about our victory and is doing everything to bring it closer.

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