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How Business Works during the War. Episode 4. ATB Corporation
How Business Works during the War. Episode 4. ATB Corporation
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Uninterrupted supply of food and basic necessities is perhaps the most important thing for a business during the war. This is what ATB Corporation is currently taking care of. Its many managers are participants and graduates of kmbs MBA programs, for instance, Andrey Zavizion, Valeriy Bondar and Serhii Dokoliasa study in EMBA-38 group, Yulia Pechena graduated Executive MBA in EMBA-29 group, and Natalia Shapovalova and Oleksandr Zub are graduates of EMBA-34 group.

ATB has the largest supermarket chain in Ukraine. As of December 2021, there were 1,277 stores in 279 settlements. At the beginning of the war, the corporation employed almost 60,000 people. It’s a daunting task to quickly reconfigure such a large “organism.” However, the day after the first occupier’s boots touched Ukrainian soil, ATB set up its mobilization headquarters, with a special emphasis on logistics and transport infrastructure and workers’ safety.

ATB aims to provide a sufficient number of inventories at its warehouses. It continued to settle accounts with suppliers promptly, and this allowed the corporation to maintain a reliable line of replenishment of inventories. ATB also launched direct deliveries of food and necessities from Poland, the Baltic States and Turkey.

The company is also successfully operating on the financial front. In particular, during the first 30 days of the war, the amount of humanitarian aid provided by the corporation to Ukrainians exceeded UAH 50 million. The company also transferred another UAH 100 million to the state budget in the form of an advance tax payment. Also, every citizen of Ukraine had the opportunity to withdraw cash from his or her account at the cashier desks of ATB shops.

ATB has implemented mechanisms to provide additional incentives and support to workers who perform their work in extremely difficult and complicated conditions (in dangerous areas where collisions have occurred). The company provides food to the military units of the Armed Forces, the Territorial Defense Forces and the reserves. To do this, the corporation has formed special reserve funds.

On March 18, a project was launched to collect aid for the Armed Forces and Territorial Defense Forces throughout Ukraine. In the first three days alone, the ATB team, together with volunteers and caring compatriots, has collected over 8,000 kg of aid.

Even the shop premises are used for the benefit of the people of Ukraine. From the war onset, facilities with basements were refurbished and made available to citizens as bomb shelters.

ATB and its partners have already won several victories on the information front. In particular, together with the KOLO team, other retail chains and the Ministry of Finance, an online map of grocery stores was created, showing the work schedules of the stores and other relevant data. This map is an open base and various stores and entrepreneurs can join it.

We are waiting for new successes and we all are heading to our victory!

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