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Investment strategy: Ivan Lozovoy's advice
Investment strategy: Ivan Lozovoy's advice
Strategy. Business Model. Systems
Before you start investing, you must understand what you are doing it for — to get rich, save for retirement, or other reasons. Ivan Lozovy, a Ukrainian public activist, politician, business consultant, and investor with 15 years of experience, is convinced of this. The specialist shared his investment approaches with MBAF-14 participants during a lecture on April 7.

1. Look for unique opportunities

For example, Ivan Lozovy mentioned the events of spring 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic was spreading worldwide. Anticipating changes in people's lives, including the growth of online shopping, he invested in shares of the South American company MercadoLibre, which specializes in e-commerce.

2. To be interested not only in the company but also in the entire field in which it works

Although Ivan Lozovy prefers investing in companies from different areas, he emphasizes that even in the case of specialization in one place, it is essential to be interested in the activities of not only the company that caught your attention but also the entire sector.

3. Pay attention not to indicators but to company management

"I am more interested in how the management works than the company's current performance. After all, his task is precisely to change these indicators," the expert explains his opinion.

4. Review your strategy

Investment activity should begin with the creation of a system. At the same time, it should not be permanent. It should be constantly reviewed.

5. Rely primarily on yourself

Ivan Lozovy is convinced that even if you cooperate with companies that manage your investments, you should still not lose your vigilance. Instead, stay in the process. You can listen to the advice, but in any case, you make the decision yourself.

In addition, the specialist reflected on the topic of the most valuable assets, offering his rating to the attention of the listeners:

  1. antiques (these things exist in a certain amount, which will not increase);
  2. real estate;
  3. precious stones and metals;
  4. startups (in this area, you can both get huge earnings and spend everything);
  5. cryptocurrency (although Ivan Lozovy himself is not ready to invest in it because there is "nothing behind it");
  6. financial instruments (for example, bonds or company shares).


About the lecturer

Ivan Lozovyi is a Ukrainian public activist, politician, business consultant, international lawyer, and journalist.

He was born and raised in New York, USA. In 1991, he moved to Kyiv, where he worked in the People's Movement of Ukraine. In 1997, he renounced American citizenship and accepted Ukrainian citizenship.

He founded the Institute of Statehood and Democracy and the "Ivan Hryhorovych Lozovy Charitable Foundation" in honor of his father. As a business consultant, he cooperated with foreign partners. He ran several times for the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. In 2017, he joined Mykhailo Saakashvili's "Movement of New Forces" party—a member of the NSJU, editor-in-chief of the newspaper Pravdyve slovo od Ivan Lozovoy.

After the beginning of the Russian troops' full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Lozovyi helped the Armed Forces of Ukraine as a philanthropist.

Book and video recommendations

  • Benjamin Graham "The Intelligent Investor" (The Intelligent Investor, Benjamin Graham)
  • A desktop book for anyone who wants to understand the practical aspects of investing and succeed in it. "The stock market is like a pendulum: it constantly swings from unfounded optimism to unfounded pessimism. Instead, a smart investor should be a realist who buys from pessimists and sells to optimists," says Benjamin Graham.
  • Dragons' Den is a British reality business show based on the original Japanese show Money Tigers. The program participants present their business ideas to a group of five wealthy investors - "dragons," who can offer them a financial investment in exchange for a share in the company. The show appeared on the screens in 2005.
  • Shark Tank is an American franchise of the Japanese business reality show Money Tigers, which premiered in August 2009. Entrepreneurs also present their ideas to five investors - "sharks," who decide whether it is worth investing in their companies.
  • Warren Buffett: How Most People Should Invest in 2023 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RJF9G0FECs
  • Warren Buffett (CEO of Berkshire Hathaway) is the world's most successful stock picker. However, for most investors, he recommends passive investing through index funds. With the stock market collapsing 20% in 2022, will 2023 be a great opportunity for stock market investors?
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