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Welcome to the virtual trips! At kmbs has been opened a VR spot
Welcome to the virtual trips! At kmbs has been opened a VR spot
VR spot offers to see and feel breathtaking stories in real-time.

Since January 21st there is a VR spot in kmbs, which is available for everyone.

For you, we have picked up the best samples of Ukrainer and The Verge, National Geographic, and Google's storytelling and a few other stories that boost imagination through sensation.

Thus, one of the projects immerses the viewer in the authentic singing of Polissia and Carpathians, journeys by narrow-gauge and Exclusion Zone, reconstruction of the Cossack battle in Khortytsia, extraction of honey from wild bees hives, etc. 

We hope you guessed that it is Ukrainer 360 is a project that creates the effect of being in the most remote corners of the country and offers to go through the stories of heroes caring about preserving ancient traditions and crafts. We are sincerely grateful to the Ukrainer team and personally to Olia Shor for cooperation and are pleased that the spirit of Ukraine's research expeditions is restored in kmbs.

A few more stories which VR spot will be able to tell you:

  • Zero Days VR. The project immerses the audience into the invisible world of computer viruses and lets you realize how high are the stakes of cyber war.
  • Michelle Obama 360. Interview with Michelle Obama by The Verge in Video 360 is one of the first great interviews in the world in such format.
  • Google Spotlight: Pearl. An short emotional video with a brief and moving story of Google.
  • Notes on Blindness. A storytelling classics in 360/VR, an experience based on audio of a writer, who lost his vision.
  • 360 Viking Battle. A beautiful and rich story by National Geographic about the Vikings reconstructors.
  • The Atomic Tree. A history of a tree that survived a nuclear explosion. This project is a participant of many VR arts festivals.

By the way, for your exciting travels, the stories were picked up by the New Cave Media co-founder Oleksii Furman.

As Oleksii says, "VR isolates us from the surrounding world, making us believe that what we see on the screen is in just a few millimetres from our eyes. This is the loneliest movie theatre in the world, but we don't need anybody else. We are entering a state where our sensors easily believe in the existence of such sophisticated and humane technologies as teleportation and the time machine. We are ready for any adventures, whatever they are. You can be sure that each of these little immersions will bring you back to the same coordinate — however, as a slightly different person."

We agree with him and are already waiting for you — virtual reality travellers.

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