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Special study conditions at kmbs for military personnel and veterans
Special study conditions at kmbs for military personnel and veterans
kmbs provides scholarships for MBA programs and discounts for executive development programs

As a sign of our respect and support, kmbs has prepared special education opportunities for military personnel and veterans.

kmbs is engaged in the development of the personal component of managers, systemic thinking, holistic understanding of business, strategy and creation of new things within the framework of executive development and MBA programs.

Tuition scholarships:
Opportunity to receive a scholarship that covers 75% of the tuition fee for executive development and MBA programs. The scholarship participants are selected based on the results of an interview. To apply for the MBA program scholarship, you must leave your application on the kmbs website. To receive a scholarship for an executive development program, you need to contact the manager of the selected program. All the details can be checked with the manager via the contacts on the program page. 

Discounts on tuition:
A 15% discount is available for all executive development programs. Executive development programs are short- and medium-term programs for developing the capabilities of managers of different levels. To get the discount, you need to register for the program, talk to the program manager and tell them about your request. The opportunity to participate is determined based on the results of the conversation with the manager. 

We are looking forward to receiving your applications for studying at kmbs!

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