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School of educational managers: pitching of projects
School of educational managers: pitching of projects
School of educational managers: pitching of projects
On December 13, the training of the third set of the joint program of kmbs and GS Osvitoria, "School of Educational Managers," was completed.

Behind five training modules, a lot of work with teams and even more to reassess your management role and the mission of your education system.

This year the School is unique. We completed the first module on February 23, the eve of the full-scale invasion. Despite this, the participants continued their studies, and already during the second module, they started working on new requests for their educational systems. The final projects' results became proof of all the changes and reassessments that took place with the program participants during the year.

During two days, the participants presented the ideas of their final projects: they discussed the creation of new strategies for educational institutions and finding their own unique identity, and at the same time, they talked about the importance of association and cooperation. Every School, public or private, university or educational organization is not a closed system. Therefore, during the defenses, we heard how today's educational systems leave their usual roles and become centers of development in their communities. And most importantly, we saw how these ideas began to come to life.

Managers' understanding of the subjectivity of their students and team became the overarching idea of the final works. All participants have their views, needs, and capabilities in educational systems. In interaction, they can offer unique and valuable ideas that allow the creation of the conditions necessary for the development of all involved.

We wish the graduates continued successful transformations not only in their institutions but also in Ukrainian education. We, in turn, will soon announce recruitment to the new, already fourth School of Educational Managers.

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