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59 graduates of MBA programs received diplomas

June 28 at the Kyiv-Mohyla Business School is a special day. The whole community looks forward to it throughout the year. We even had to wait for two this time! After all, on this day, the Convocation is traditionally held — the awarding of diplomas to graduates of MBA programs. Last year there were no celebrations, so now not only this year's graduates but also those who received certificates a year ago had to say parting words to Serhii Kvit, president of the National University "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy," who came to the celebration. The president wished the new alums not only to be successful in business but also to carry the values of the Academy.

The dean of kmbs, Oleksandr Savruk, is convinced of the absolute readiness of our graduates to demonstrate a new type of leadership and take a decisive step towards the country's development in the post-war period. "Strategic priorities are on you," he stressed.

Participants who have completed their studies joined kmbs in troubled times — at the height of the COVID-2019 epidemic, ending in the hot phase of the Russian-Ukrainian war. Eduard Maltsev, head of Presidents' MBA, thanked them for staying with us in difficult times. And they were invited to return.

Yevhen Pentsak, head of MBAF, noted that during the training, the participants gained much knowledge, but the most important thing they learned was to emit light energy. And Olena Zhyltsova, head of the Executive MBA, wished the graduates to dream big, work hard, make mistakes, and be kind.

Convocation is an ancient academic tradition that takes place according to specific rules. Several vital rituals occur: graduates and teachers dress in robes and bonnets, throw tassels and toss up bonnets, and perform the student anthem Gaudeamus. However, our life is a source of new traditions. When gathering for solemn events, the kmbs community certainly honors with a moment of silence and laying flowers at the memorial of all those who gave their lives for our freedom in the Russian-Ukrainian war.

The raising of three flags — the National Flag of Ukraine, the flag of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, and the flag of the Kyiv-Mohyla Business School — has become an entirely new tradition.

The Convocation is a celebration and a symbol of the eternal desire for knowledge, development, and continuous improvement. It is both the completion of studies and the beginning of a new path for graduates with the experience and knowledge they gained at school. Therefore, we wish the graduate's unique challenges and achievements. And we are always glad to see them on the school walls!

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