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The role of managers in the development of Ukraine: a program of a new format
The role of managers in the development of Ukraine: a program of a new format
The role of managers in the development of Ukraine: a program of a new format
Last week, kmbs held a new program, the participants of which were graduates and teachers of the school, and all the money from the participation fee will be directed to the needs of the National Guard.

A week ago, we met in the circle of graduates, teachers, and people close in spirit and values for four long days, full of endless discussions, at the program "The Role of Managers in the Development of Ukraine."

As one of the participants said, it was a quality jazz improvisation, a conversation on equal terms, and with sincerity, with uncomfortable questions, with passion, with gratitude. Many kmbs teachers joined the program as participants, and many speakers stayed after their pairs and decided to come on the following days because it was simply exciting and touching.

The idea for this particular program about a complex issue arose in the spring when the "Storm" brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine asked us for help with the assembly — and we realized that the most natural solution for us would be to create a reflective program where we can discuss, consult, look at ourselves critically, find partners, try to think about a larger scale of influence on the common, look inside yourself, look for the root of the processes that affect us and the entire country — and together raise funds for the military.

What is being a citizen? How can one be active but simultaneously capable of solidarity actions, concern for the common, and implementing joint decisions? In what way can we, as managers, influence the common? What is the use of "impractical" things like high-quality architecture, music, and environmental design? What does it mean to work in open systems? Who forms the semantic field in an available system? How does education differ from propaganda? Where is the line? Who is an authority, an expert? How can we create an environment where people can practice their virtues in our organizations? Who are the elites? Is it a question of actual influence, or is the cultural value background of people belonging to elites also important? How can we influence society, our communities, art, and education as a business? To what extent can a company do things that are not profitable for itself for the sake of public benefit?

Like most good conversations, this one helped answer many questions and left us with even more. We, therefore, plan to continue assisting the Defense Forces with other requests in this manner. In the spring, we want to do a follow-up for this incredible group — but we also think it's worth doing a second start of the program for those who couldn't join this time. If you have any ideas on what to do, share them in the comments; we will be grateful!

If you understand that you want to join, leave the registration at the link, and we will write to you as soon as we know the new dates.

All funds the participants paid for this program will soon be transferred to the needs of the "Stormy" brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine; we will also report on this.

Thanks to everyone who joined!

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