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Right now, 42 new participants will start studying at MBA programs
Right now, 42 new participants will start studying at MBA programs
Right now, 42 new participants will start studying at MBA programs
Launched two programs: Presidents' MBA and Executive MBA — for company owners and C-level managers who seek to acquire the ability to create and manage large-scale social systems.

The first day was traditionally spent by the participants getting to know kmbs, the programs and their leaders, and each other.

Managers who enrolled in MBA programs represent all regions of our country: Shostka to Odesa, Lviv to Kharkiv. There are also participants from the occupied territories. Yes, the mayor of occupied Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov, is our scholarship recipient and will study in the Presidents' MBA program. We want to remind you that the kmbs scholarship program aims to support managers from various spheres — from government agencies to creative industries, who demonstrate their commitment to finding systemic solutions to social problems on an all-Ukrainian scale in obtaining high-quality business education.

This is the second intake for MBA programs during the full-scale invasion. The participants of both groups are united by the unshakable belief that after the victory, Ukraine will experience rapid development and knowledge - this is precisely what it is necessary to acquire right now to apply to one's country. However, during self-presentations, the participants of this set also noted that knowledge makes us strong and self-confident, and being strong is what we need now. The war-hardened us and the hope for its quick resolution was replaced by an unwavering confidence to stand to the end and be ready to work effectively in any conditions.

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