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Recruitment for the kmbs MBA scholarship program is ongoing
Recruitment for the kmbs MBA scholarship program is ongoing
Recruitment for the kmbs MBA scholarship program is ongoing

This program will be interesting:

• managers in the field of public administration;

• managers of state-owned enterprises, managers of state-owned educational and scientific organizations;

• founders and managers of public and private health care institutions; manufacturers of medical products used for the treatment and rehabilitation of the wounded on the battlefield;

• Managers of educational and scientific organizations of state ownership;

• Founders and managers of public and charitable organizations that solve complex humanitarian and social issues of Ukraine and the world;

• Founders and managers of enterprises of cultural and creative industries, independent figures of the artistic community;

• Founders and managers of independent startups (created in 2020–2022);

• Founders and managers of enterprises that were wholly or partially destroyed due to the Russian-Ukrainian war have implemented or are preparing to restart.

To participate in the competition, you need to fill out the application form by September 18 using the link.

More information about the programs:

Presidents' MBA

Executive MBA

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