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Environmentally friendly and safe: kmbs uses solar energy
Environmentally friendly and safe: kmbs uses solar energy
Environmentally friendly and safe: kmbs uses solar energy

The previous winter was brutal for the whole country, particularly for businesses that had to operate in conditions of power outages. Therefore, this year, kmbs installed a 19 kW network photovoltaic station this year in preparation for the cold season.

This step will ensure a better educational experience for the participants of our programs, regardless of external circumstances. Solar energy will cover a significant part of consumption, and will also be stored in batteries in case of blackouts.

Also, the use of solar energy embodies our principle of environmental friendliness. After all, according to the manufacturer, such a station allows you to save 1167 trees per year and reduce the amount of carbon emissions by nine t/year. Consequently, kmbs continues to move towards sustainability even in the face of war.

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