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Corporate finance: Presidents' MBA-25 group starts studying a new course
Corporate finance: Presidents' MBA-25 group starts studying a new course
During the regular training module that took place last week, the PMBA-25 group members met a new lecturer and plunged into the world of corporate finance.

Oleksiy Gavrysh is Vice President of Investment and Development LLC, a member of the supervisory boards of road construction business groups, a group of fintech companies in the US and Canada, the Council of Exporters and Investors at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, and a kmbs lecturer. After meeting the participants, he said: "We all want to manage money, analyse data, we all want the system to work, we all speak the same language within any corporation - the language of money. However, we often forget about this and switch to the language of ambition. This happens because we do not agree on the same understanding of the nature of the money we speak. The owner looks at it from his own perspective, the manager from his own, the accountant from his own. And they are not always in sync."

Thus, the Corporate Finance course for the PMBA-25 group began with the philosophy of money and the nature of money. Together with the lecturer, the participants explored what money is, where money management systems come from, and how money has evolved throughout history. They learned that pirates were actually the first corporations, and that accounting was invented by Fibonacci. 

People used to run their businesses "by feel", intuitively. However, just because someone is a good entrepreneur doesn't mean that their son will be the same. So, to pass on your business, you need to have instructions. This was Fibonacci's idea, and it became the basis for the accounting system we use today.

A good accounting system helps businesses achieve their goals, but how do you build one? Alexey told PMBA-25 participants what the course would focus on: "We often work with numbers whose origin we do not understand. That's why the first thesis of the course is to build a system in such a way that we can work with the information whose origin and quality we understand. 

And the second thesis is that we need to turn the analysis process into a decision-making process. In many companies, analysis prevails over decision-making: managers ask for a reference, a report, a calculation - and they get a huge document that no one will read, but will put in a pile of similar reports. Sometimes it is even believed that the thicker the pile, the better the management system in the company... This is a problem that leads to poor management decisions." 

Finance, according to the lecturer, is a service function that should provide the manager with a tool for making management decisions. And an analysis that does not end with a decision is a waste of resources. With Alexey's help, MBA participants will learn how to avoid common mistakes and build a high-quality corporate finance system.

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