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Welcome new managers to the kmbs alumni community!
Welcome new managers to the kmbs alumni community!
Welcome new managers to the kmbs alumni community!
Is there a place for MBA studies during wartime? We already know the answer — yes, without a doubt! After all, on July 2, under martial law, eight members of the EBMA-35 group received the desired diplomas.

The traditional convocation is still ahead of them, but they can already be considered new members of the community of graduates of the Kyiv-Mohyla Business School. So, the following joined Alumni kmbs: Kostyantyn Yukhymenko, Denis Sokolovsky, Leonid Kolodyazhny, Oleg Kiriyainen, Oleg Panasenko, Oleksiy Hryhorenko, Darya Kutsenko and Olena Nezheva.

Olena Zhyltsova, head of Executive MBA kmbs, shared her impressions about the difficult path taken by the participants of EBMA-35: "I express my respect and admiration for the participants who receive the Executive MBA kmbs diploma today. In difficult conditions, in March 2020, when the world introduced the strictest lockdown, they did not succumb to the natural, spontaneous reactions of "running away" or "freezing" but began their training.

Over the next two years, curiosity, openness, responsibility, and the ability to continuously work on oneself overcame difficulties and fears. In the end, they were converted into exciting and valuable strategic projects.

Difficult times act on everything like a magnifying glass. In this case, the glass showed us, strong leaders and powerful managers."

We congratulate the graduates and wish them new victories!

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