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The financial landscape of the world economy of a new format
The financial landscape of the world economy of a new format
The financial landscape of the world economy of a new format
Where is the world economy headed now, in constant change, and a significant transformation seems inevitable?

For decades we watched globalization. The pandemic reminded us of the locality. War, high inflation, and climate change created enormous challenges. We will have to work with them shortly, reduce risks, and manage them. Therefore, it is essential to understand what is happening, why, and what to do about it.

Graduates, participants, and teachers of the Master in Business Analytics and Finance program, moderated by MBAF head Yevhen Pentsak, gathered to discuss these issues within the walls of kmbs.

First, the event participants tried to formulate what was wrong with the world economy. Among the answers, there were opinions about the inefficient distribution of human resources in the global economy and excessive polarization of the distribution of world wealth, which could lead to a worldwide social revolution.

Some of these problems, noted Stanislav Podyachev (godefx.com, kmbs teacher, graduate of MBAF-4), can be solved due to financial innovations, in particular, crowdfunding, social impact bonds, and their variety of trills.

However, if the financial system has so many problems, maybe we should talk about the definancialization of social life. Stanislav asked the question radically. So, with Yevhen Pentsak, they tried to consider what could be the new currency of the future.

Having developed the discussion within the framework of the paradigm of financial and economic dualism (the hypothesis that the economic system determines the direction of movement, and the financial system determines the way and speed), the participants agreed that the financial landscape should adapt to the goals and principles of action of society.

In corporate training, only 2% of activities are devoted to financial literacy. Olena Zhyltsova, head of Executive MBA, shared global statistics. In her opinion, the financial system should be more open so that everyone understands that he is a player in the economic landscape.

The participants also touched on the issue of investment. One of the modern trends is investing without intermediaries. Investors increasingly began to ask the question: is it possible to do without the guarantees of financial intermediaries in investment and economic activities, transferring the obligations of the parties to financial contracts to technologies? And such a solution was found in the form of blockchain technology and smart contracts, that is, automated algorithmic agreements, for the execution of which it was not necessary to involve financial intermediaries.

But where to invest now to save the fruits of your labor? Real estate, stock market, crypto assets, agribusiness, energy, currency? All this can be. However, Mykola Khomenko (head of Cargill's financial department in Ukraine and graduate of MBAF-11) stressed that the classic approach with risk diversification seems to be fully justified so far. And also, it is always essential to invest in yourself.

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