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Will Chat GPT take away people's jobs?
Will Chat GPT take away people's jobs?
Will Chat GPT take away people's jobs?
On Tuesday, February 21, three days after Chat GPT became available in Ukraine, a workshop on artificial intelligence was held at the Kyiv-Mohyla Business School.

kmbs professor and MBAF-4 graduate Stanislav Podyachev demonstrated how ChatGPT and Midjourney could improve business for a temporary entrepreneur selling handmade goods. "An economy of singularity is emerging, where a person becomes an intermediary between various technology interfaces. In a country where unemployment reaches 26%, people should be given the opportunity of micro-entrepreneurship."

According to Stanislav, the development of technologies will not only not take away jobs from people but will also create new ones: "A new profession will soon emerge, a "prompt engineer" — a programmer-philosopher — is a person who deeply understands the model with which he cooperates, so it makes sense start mastering technologies at the basic level right now."

Therefore, people who until recently were outside the field of information technology should start learning the basics of existing programming languages and systems today. Head of MBAF 21 Yevhen Pentsak confirmed the opinion of Stanislav Podyachev: "New professions associated with the use of GPT will appear. Some professions will lose relevance; some will merge. The main thing is not to have high expectations. It's just a text calculator, a tool. So let's make this tool more effective for humans."

According to Yevhen, kmbs provides participants with knowledge and technologies that will help to understand the work of artificial intelligence and promotes the development of skills for independent continuous learning, which is necessary in a world where rapid technological and socio-political changes are taking place.

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