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The project for companies in the AGRI-FOOD sector has been extended until March 19, 2023
The project for companies in the AGRI-FOOD sector has been extended until March 19, 2023
The project for companies in the AGRI-FOOD sector has been extended until March 19, 2023

In the conditions of martial law, the food security of the state is of critical importance. Therefore, it is essential to ensure the stability of companies involved in this field, to create conditions for their continuous activity and development.

It is for this purpose that the international cooperation program EU4Business: competitiveness and internationalization of SMEs and Kyiv-Mohyla Business School [kmbs], funded by the European Union and the German government, are initiating a joint project that involves 80 hours of work by specially selected consultants and coaches in the interests of participating companies.

Consultations are entirely free of charge for 35 companies that will be selected.

Requirements for participants:

The company must be involved in the agricultural and production supply chain: suppliers, agricultural producers, processors, wholesale and retail trade of farm products and food products, food industry are invited; manufacturers, suppliers of equipment for the food industry, etc.

How to join the project:

🔹 Register using the link - https://bit.ly/3ktPHHZ (data collection, processing, and storage are carried out by Kyiv-Mohyla Business School [kmbs] as a project implementation partner).

🔹 In response, receive a self-assessment questionnaire.

🔹 Send the completed application form (by March 19, 2023, 18:00 Kyiv time).

🔹 Pass an independent selection (results will be announced by April 14, 2023).

🔹 Receive consultations (until August 2023).

If you have any questions, contact us by e-mail: 📧olena.yehorova@kmbs.ua or by phone 📲+380 50 191 40 30.


Reference information:

Consulting and coaching support for companies in the agri-food sector is carried out within the framework of the EU4Business international cooperation program: competitiveness and internationalization of SMEs with joint funding from the European Union and the government of 🇩🇪 Germany. The strategic executor of the program is the German national company GIZ Ukraine. The project implementation partner is Kyiv-Mohyla Business School [kmbs].

The goal of #EU4Business is to create better conditions for the development of Ukrainian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), support innovation and stimulate exports, which is the way to sustainable and even economic growth.

More details: www.eu4business.org.ua

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