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Offline learning resumed
Offline learning resumed
Offline learning resumed
26 educators from Kyiv and Western Ukraine gathered in Prykarpattia as part of the second module of the School of Educational Managers.

This is the third set of the joint project of Osvitoria and Kyiv-Mohyla Business School, the first module of which fell on February 21-23. After a long forced pause, the learning process was resumed and immediately lived. We gathered to visit Oksana Yakymiv, a graduate of the 1st set of the SHOW, at the Vyhoda Special School in the Ivano-Frankivsk Region.

The group also includes participants from Melitopol, now an occupied territory. However, our colleagues could still join (two of them were online). This is very important for the project participants and the school. After all, right now, mutual support, including in the professional sphere, is essential.

Thus, 33 principals from private and public schools, city and national education departments, and education managers at various levels reflected on the future of their education systems and Ukraine's education system as a whole.

  • What is the future of educational systems for each institution and Ukraine?
  • What kind of connections do we build between stakeholders in the system?
  • How can each of us operate in the new education system?
  • Who is the client of the educational institution?
  • For whom will we create value tomorrow?

The module guest was Estonian teacher Julo Vooglaid, who shared his vision that the school is a system-forming institution of society. And you can look for a solution of this scale only by seeing each other in person, talking live, discussing, and living together. We are glad that all this became possible thanks to a request from the participants. Our educational community understands its subjectivity and begins to gain weight in the field — all changes are ahead!

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