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How National and Corporate Culture Influence M&A Success
How National and Corporate Culture Influence M&A Success
How National and Corporate Culture Influence M&A Success
50% of national culture variation is rooted in the country’s historic development patterns and is resistant to globalization effects, making cross-cultural competence paramount to the international HRD.

That is why L'Institut Magellan and Kyiv-Mohyla Business School have been partnering on co-teaching the "How National and Corporate Culture Influence M&A Success" course since 2020. The co-lecturers of the system were José-Maria Aulotte (International HRM MBA Program Director, Institut Magellan) and Bertrand Coutier (former Vice-President HR International Mobility and Governance, Airbus Helicopters), and Marina Starodubska (Kmbs MBA Adjunct Professor, TLFRD Integrated Consultancy Management Partner). This year, International MBA program participants' geography of experience spanned Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, and South-East Asia. At the same time, their areas of expertise included global mobility, multicultural team management, and international recruitment. 

Using research data and real-life cases, international MBA program participants worked on the following:

  • how national culture "works" and what flagship systems of analyzing cultures exist;
  • how corporate and national cultures interact and where the limits of their impact lie;
  • how national culture influences workplace dynamics: decision-making, leadership style, attitude towards performance, job satisfaction, and engagement;
  • what to look for and critical issues to address when merging two companies from different countries.

The one-day course was live this year, with interactions, questions, and intuitive insights genuinely making all the difference — for learning and student experience. And we've thought of some new course ideas for the next year! 

L'Institut Magellan is an HRM-focused higher education institution founded more than 25 years ago by the Cercle Magellan, a network of almost 1,500 HRM professionals from over 250 multinational corporations in France and around the world.

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