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Tourism of the future
18:30 - 21:00
Kyiv, Kyiv, 8/5, Voloska str.
Context Talks
Tourism of the future
Context Talks – discussion of managers and experts about the contextual conditions relevant to business management today.
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2020 has become perhaps the most difficult year in the history of tourism. Rigid restrictions on travel and lockdowns have led to extremely massive reductions in passenger traffic and other tourist flows. For a moment, it seemed that tourism, as a sector, would plunge into recession for a long time and would require tremendous efforts to restore the status quo.

However, during the pandemic, countries and companies began not only to adapt and support local tourism, but also to find modern strategic solutions for the development of the international direction, which, in turn, has significantly changed the essence of tourism today.

That is why we invite you to figure out the concept of Tourism of the Future with us. Eduard Maltsev, Deputy Dean of kmbs, Head of MBA and PMBA programs, will share the current tourism context. Mariana Oleskiv, head of the State Agency for Tourism Development, will highlight the state position on the development of future prospects. Yaroslav Emelianenko, founder of Chornobyl Tour, will share his thoughts on new opportunities in the development of domestic tourist flows. And together with Viktor Voitsekhovskyi, Commercial Director of Tickets UA, and Artem Prykhodko, General Manager of Intercontinental Kyiv, we will understand what a tourism product is and how the needs of the modern tourism client are changing today.


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