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MBA. Leadership. Victory
18:00 - 20:00
MBA Pre-Start Meetings
MBA. Leadership. Victory
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On the 201st day of the war, businesses, state institutions, and educational and cultural initiatives in Ukraine continue to work to look for new ways to create value for their clients and positive social impact in general. The decisive role in this ability to continue unyielding is played by leaders, the first persons of the organization.


After the victory, another no less essential and long front awaits us. Reconstruction and sustainable development of the country. This will, again, require a high level of involvement of professional leaders and managers.


Leadership There are many models of leadership, as well as characteristics and definitions of this phenomenon. This has always been a debatable topic, and now the number of questions has only multiplied.


Who is the leader? What adjustments did the new phase of the war make to the definition? Have the requirements and expectations for the first persons changed? How does leadership manifest itself now? What will happen to the galaxy of leaders formed in different contexts since February 2022? Is it true that investing in developing leadership and management capabilities is the key to sustainable growth? If so, how do you effectively invest in leadership development?


We will talk about these and other things...



Oleksandra Koltsova — author, singer, producer, participant of EMBA-35

Oleksiy Volkov — co-founder and executive director of EnerGym, graduate of EMBA-34

Andriy Pizhevskyi — the owner of the creative space "Artynov" and the private gymnasium "Delphin," a graduate of EMBA-21


Moderated by Olena Zhyltsova, head of Executive MBA kmbs

Format: online + offline

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