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Open kmbs live
An open conversation with Henry Marsh and kmbs dean Oleksandr Savruk
19:00 - 20:30
Kyiv, St. Voloska 8/5, 4 building NaUKMA, 4th floor, Ideas Gallery
Public event
An open conversation with Henry Marsh and kmbs dean Oleksandr Savruk
The event ended

On October 10, kmbs will host a unique event — an open conversation with Henry Marsh and school dean Oleksandr Savruk. Henry Marsh is a well-known neurosurgeon, a pioneer of neurosurgical care for Ukraine, and the author of the bestseller "Stories of Life, Death and Neurosurgery", which was also published in a Ukrainian translation. The event will be moderated by Andrii Myzak, neurosurgeon and translator of Henry Marsh's books into Ukrainian.


Speakers will talk about what unites doctors and managers — ethical dilemmas and personal responsibility — and the context of the war, its impact on us, and social changes in Ukraine.


We invite you to join this unique discussion!

Date: October 10, 19:00

Audience: Ideas Gallery

Language: English, without translation

Format: offline

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