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Digital future: what is next?
18:30 - 21:00
Virtual Live,
Context Talks
Digital future: what is next?
Context Talks is a discussion of the contextual conditions relevant to businesses today.
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On April 15, together with the invited experts, we will talk about a common vision of the digital future of Ukraine, existing trends and drivers of digitalization of 4 crucial areas — business, state, education and society.


The discussion will be attended by:


Eduard Maltsev — professor of kmbs, head of the Presidents' MBA program, moderator of the discussion.


Anna Sidoruk — the operational director of the public organization "Osvitoriya". In 2020, Anna headed the All-Ukrainian Online School, a national educational platform for distance and blended learning. Prior to her education, she worked in the UN Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the UN Human Rights Council (Geneva) and in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.


Valeria Ionan — Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation for European Integration. In the ministry she is responsible for the national projects Diia.Business and Diia.Digital Education, areas of online security and European integration.


Mykola Palienko — CEO & Co-founder of the EVO Association, which combines some of the largest marketplaces and online services in Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan (Prom.ua, Satu.kz Bigl.ua, Kabanchik.ua, Shafa.ua, Crafta.ua, Zakupki, Prom.ua, Vchasno.ua, IZI.zone).


Eugene Yelenskyy — Digital strategist, author of the telegram channel "Exponenta". He is in charge of the digital direction in SCM. Specializes in launching large-scale digital campaigns: from strategies to implementation; content marketing; organization of digital teams.


Time: 18:30-21: 00

Cost: free

Format: online

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