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How Managers Change Roles during the War. Episode 3. Anton Artemenko and Dmytro Martynenko
How Managers Change Roles during the War. Episode 3. Anton Artemenko and Dmytro Martynenko
People. Leadership and management. Culture
This one is a story of true friendship and cooperation during the war. Dmytro Martynenko (EMBA-28) and Anton Artemenko (PMBA-13) met during last year’s visit of Alumni kmbs to Kachanivka. Over this year they became friends with joint business projects and common interests, travelled with families in Ukraine and participated in Alumni events. The war suspended peace plans. Instead, it opened up new opportunities for cooperation. Both the men were forced to evacuate their families from Kyiv to the western part of Ukraine.

Before the war, Dmytro was a managing partner of Quarter Partners Investment Company, a lawyer by profession and a reserve officer. Now he joined the Armed Forces as part of a newly created military unit in the Prykarpattia geographical region. The formation of the unit began on the second day of the war and therefore the unit needed all processes to be organized from scratch.

Dmytro “mobilized” his entire professional potential, including international networking to raise resources, and as an experienced manager, he joined the logistics of the unit and the setting up of its processes.

Anton, the owner and CEO of a group of agricultural companies, had an immense challenge on his front. He had to get ready for sowing during the war. However, when Anton learned that Dmytro had joined the Armed Forces, he, as a man for whom the desire to help has always been embodied in concrete actions (for example, he is an active patron of George Gongadze Prize), decided to stay in the Prykarpattia geographical region. Here, too, the managerial experience came in handy, and Anton immediately volunteered to join the material support organization for the new military unit where Dmytro serves.

Other members of the kmbs alumni community also joined the fundraiser and the organization of procurement and logistics of everything necessary for the fighters, because we are used to thinking in the logic of partnership and are always ready to help each other for our common goal — victory!!!

Together, we work for our victory! Glory to Ukraine!

P.S.: The sowing has actually started!

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