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How business works during the war. Episode 6. Vitaly Gorovy
How business works during the war. Episode 6. Vitaly Gorovy
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During the full-scale war, InSoft Partners has already made three significant investments in Ukrainian IT companies.

Vitaliy Horovy is the founder of the investment holding company InSoft Partners and a graduate of the Executive MBA — a man who bets on the future and believes in Ukrainian intellectual capital. With this belief, on March 1, the investment company InSoft Partners became a partner of the Lviv service companies Linkup Studio and Inoxoft.

InSoft Partners' business strategy is to buy a stake in an IT company, help it grow several times, and then withdraw from the capital with a profit.

Negotiations with new partners InSoft began before the war: they met for three or four years and reached the finish line in March 2022.

Linkup Studio is a developer of software solutions with a focus on product design, based in Lviv and Ternopil. By the way, the Clutch platform recognized LinkUp Studio as the first in Ukraine and the second in the world for User Experience.

The immediate goal of Linkup Studio is to double the team to 150-200 people. But before that, win the war. And Galician IT specialists are ready to make significant efforts in this direction. LinkUp Studio not only transferred UAH 250,000 for military needs, the company's management decided to redirect 70% of the company's profits to help the country during the active war.

The team of another partner InSoft Partners — Lviv service company Inoxoft, in addition to the main activity, also volunteers and quite successfully raises funds for the needs of the Armed Forces. Today it is more than UAH 1,410,000. However, Inoxoft's business plans for 2022 are quite ambitious — the company, which has doubled in the past year and now has 200 employees, plans to hire another hundred people this year.

And recently, Insoft Partners made the third investment during a full-scale war, acquiring a stake in Indeema Software — a software developer from Lviv. Interestingly, these partners of Vitaliy Horovy also actively support our army. During the 100 days of the war, they collected more than UAH 2 million, which went to drones, laptops, unloading, and an SUV for the guys on the front line. In addition, the company has joined the funding of the SKY project, which involves the modernization of the Western Regional Air Defense Center.

So, Vitaliy Horovy and his partners are united not only by business interests but also by shared values. And this is the best foundation for fruitful cooperation and significant achievements in the future.

According to Forbes.ua and Vitaly Gorovy's page.

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