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4 modules for 2 days
4 modules for 2 days
140000 uah
OpEx.Operational Excellence
How to improve operational processes so as to ensure much more orders, grateful customers and ultimately more profit? From the diagnosis of chronic conditions to the introduction of a mechanism for continuous improvement of operational processes.
Program Audience
Owners and CEOs who want to get rid of the constant solving of operational tasks and at the same time understand what and how can be significantly improved
Production directors and COO who want fewer unexpected issues and more control and predictability in operational processes
Managers who want to understand how the same amount of resources can ensure the timely execution of more orders
Heads who are looking for new ways to compete in the market without lowering the price
What do participants gain?
A set of solutions and tools to improve the operational flow to ensure more orders/customers/emergencies (from +30 % to the existing level) with the same number of people and resources
Developed priority changes in operational processes that simplify planning and execution processes, lead to rapid improvements in flow in most cases, and are the foundation for all subsequent elements of the solution to improve operational processes
Plan for implementation and communication of changes with the team and agreements reached with all involved participants
Understanding of sequence and mechanics of introduction of various technologies of flow improvement—TOC, LEAN and 6Sigma—in own production
Individual support from the lecturer/team in the early stages of launching changes in production
Be sure that the team has a plan for communicating change and arrangements with all managers and employees involved in the change.
OpEx. Operational Excellence - new kmbs program.

About the idea of a new program on operational excellence and for whom it is created in a video-interview with the author of the program Andriy Kolotov.

The structure of the program
Module 1
1st - May 27-28; 2nd stream - June 17-18



Module 1 Price

For 1 participant—UAH 14,000


Step 1. Introduction to the Methodology

We get acquainted with the basic concepts of improving the operational flow. We analyze two paradigms—a system of local improvements, and a system that is guided by the creation of greater value for the customer. We consider the tools for diagnosing chronic conditions and key elements of the solutions to eliminate them.


Step 2. Chronic Problems Identification

We diagnose our own operational processes to identify those chronic undesirable events that exist in the company despite all our efforts, understand where they come from, as well as their impact on other functions of the company (sales, marketing, finance) today and in the future. We analyze the three main indicators of the assessment of operational processes and the company as a whole. We consider the tools for diagnosing chronic conditions and key elements of the solutions to eliminate them.

Preparation for the Start of the First Changes with Individual Support from OpEx Team

Individual task: participants assess the scale of undesirable events. They evaluate the payback of the future implementation project, the complexity of implementation and decide whether the company needs the proposed changes right now.

Module 2
1-2 July

Module 2 Price

For 1 participant—UAH 20,000


Step 3. Policies and Procedures that Feed the Root Problem

We find out which current rules, policies and procedures of the interaction of the company’s operational processes and commercial function, operational processes and procurement and financial functions were considered the “golden standard” of the industry at one time and once really helped the company to grow, but now hinder its development unnoticed by all.


Step 4. Detailing of Solution Elements for Different Types of Operating Environments

It’s an overview of the five elements of the Strategy & Tactic Tree for custom and warehouse operations. Justification of each element of the solution from Module 1 by answering the following questions:

·       What problems of the operating environment are eliminated by each element of the solution?

·       What intermediate goal we want to achieve in the transformation of operational processes?

·       Which method is best for the same?

·       What do you need to pay special attention to?


Step 5. Getting Acquainted With the Process of Adapting the Solution for Each Participating Company

We consider a specific example of PET Technologies company and analyze the following:

·       How to determine which processes need to be changed

·       How to record planning and execution processes “as is”

·       How to change processes without the risk of long-term adaptation of the computer system for planning and execution of operational processes

In other words, we are working on adapting a solution that would break the vicious circle, quickly improve the operating system and create a long-term mechanism for continuous improvement.


In-Depth Preparation for the Start of Changes with Individual Support from the OpEx Team

Individual task: participants describe their own processes as is and to be: the process of production planning and the process of launching orders into production. They identify orders in the production flow that require freezing according to the new rules, as well as time/physical buffers for their companies depending on their operating environment.

Module 3
29-30 July

Price of Module 3 + Module 4

Only 2 to 4 participants from a company can participate

Price for 2 participants—UAH 80,000


Step 6. The Process of Communicating Change within the Company

We approve new business processes of participating companies. We analyze several examples of the described business processes as is and to be. We study the obstacles and risks of participants in changes in business processes of production planning and the process of launching orders into production. We consider the case of Halychyna dairy company.


Step 7. The Process of Communicating Change within the Company

We compile a Change Matrix for each team member who will be involved in implementing these changes. And we check whether the team agrees with the identified chronic undesirable events, the effects of their elimination and the obstacles and risks of change.

We are finally deciding whether we will implement the solution in the next two months. There are two criteria:

  •        Whether it is enough just to get rid of undesirable events;
  •        Whether there is enough trust between team members to break out of the paradigm of local improvement.

Module 4
6-7 September


Step 8. Change Project Launch

We analyze the methodology of developing a detailed project plan and form a map of intermediate goals (road map), define areas of responsibility.

Organization of the project management structure: appointment of the project manager, appointment of project team members, roles and motivation of project team members. Recommendations for resolving the conflict between the current system of motivation and the implementation of changes.

Key indicators of the theory of constraints: calculation methodology, management decision-making system, setting targets for change.

Methodology for starting the process of continuous improvement, power over-clocking tools on ROM (Lean, 6 Sigma). Case-demonstration of complex changes in RAUT-Automatic company.

Market outlook: capitalization at operating excellence. How to pack and sell your operating excellence to different market segments and earn many times more.


Step 9. Just Do It!

We are starting a project to implement changes with individual support from the OpEx team within 30 days


Andrii Kolotov more details
Adjunct professor
Julia Plieva more details
Adjunct professor
Oleksandr Suvorov more details
Vadim Prosyanikov more details
Volodymyr Petrina more details
Anatoliy Boychenko more details
What do participants gain?
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